El hombre de la izquierda era conocido entre nosotros como “El Fary”…muchos nos preguntaban ¿por qué?…en este video encontrarán la respuesta.

The man at the left was called “El Fary” by al the spaniards, many people asked us why did we called
him like that…well, El Fary was one of the most known singers in Spain (specially for the taxi drivers) is like a myth, a legend…

Y cómo no…”Torrente” una película de culto del humor español

And of course…”Torrente” one of the most important spanish humor films of all time

In this scene, Torrente, the policeman goes out to do his work while listening Farys song “Apatrullando la ciudad” that means exacly what Torrente is doing, looking for bad guys in the city.