10 Best Animal Movies With Happy Endings

Animal movies don’t always end happily. In fact, some animal movies can be sad with a happy ending, or they can be happy with a sad ending. The movies that audiences seem to enjoy the most are the movies that touch their hearts but end on a happy, happy note.

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Moviegoers know they’ve seen a happy ending when they can stand in front of a movie with a smile on their face. Characters from animal movies embark on their adventures where they face difficult obstacles. They challenge each other and prove their worth, while bringing joy to viewers.

10/10 Homeward Bound is an arduous animal journey live

Shadow, Chance and Sassy standing in the grass

Homeward Bound plays with viewers’ emotions. Many heartbreaking scenes lead the audience to a joyous close to the film. Homeward Bound is the story of two dogs, Chance and Shadow, and a cat named Sassy, ​​who embark on an adventure to find their family’s new home.

Before the end, viewers think that not all of the family’s beloved pets have arrived safely at their new home. The final scene reveals Shadow running up the hill towards his favorite human. Viewers can expect to cry tears of joy the moment Shadow appears onscreen.

9/10 The Secret Life of Pets Is A Pretty Dizzying Experience Until It’s Not


The secret life of pets gives the audience a glimpse into the life of their pet. All seems well for Max, until his owner, Katie, returns home with another dog named Duke. Duke takes Max’s once-perfect life and wreaks havoc on it. All of Duke’s bad choices lead to the duo being chased by animal control officers.

This adventure leads Max and Duke to fight for their lives. They are trapped, but with the help of some of their new friends, they can be rescued from the water and brought home safely. The secret life of pets ends on a happy note as the animals return home and a stray rabbit, Snowball, is adopted.

8/10 Beethoven tugs at the heartstrings

A St Bernard named Beethoven, covered in mud lying on a bed.

Beethoven is a classic animal film. It’s quite fitting because it’s a classic story where a family adopts what they believe to be an adorable St. Bernard puppy. The father of the family, George Newton, is unsure of the dog and decides he wants nothing to do with him. Their veterinarian, Dr. Varnick, tricks George into handing over Beethoven.

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The trick worked, but George quickly realized his own feelings for Beethoven. This realization leads to George becoming a hero after saving the animals that Dr. Varnick had captured. The film ends on an adorably happy note as the family say goodnight to Beethoven and the group of dogs they rescued.

7/10 Balto is a harrowing adventure, but it’s not that bad

Balto sitting in the snow with puppy eyes.

The Balto movie was based on a true story, and the movie didn’t disappoint. The movie, of course, put its own spin on the story. A contagious and deadly disease is spreading in Nome, Alaska. To make matters worse, the village is out of medicine. A team of dogs leads a killing spree in a nearby town in an attempt to bring back the drug.

When the first team fails to return, the second team, which includes Balto, embarks on their rescue mission. On the way back, Balto is in the lead and proves himself by successfully bringing the medicine home. Balto and the sled team are considered heroes and loved by the whole village.

6/10 Cats & Dogs is an animal spy movie

Cats and dogs

Cat owners believe that most cats conspire against humans. In the movie Cats & Dogs, cats plot against humans and try to take over the world. Fortunately, dogs, man’s best friend, are springing into action to stop cats from taking over.

Humans have been aware of the secret war going on between cats and dogs in their neighborhood. Cats & Dogs ends with a happy but questionable ending. The army of dogs managed to deal with the evil leader of the cats. The happy ending left viewers with laughs and smiles.

5/10 Finding Nemo Is The Gold Standard Of Sad Animal Movies

Marlin and Nemo smile at each other while holding flippers.

The world of Nemo beings on a sad note as Marlin loses his son to a diver. Nemo is then taken to a dentist, where he is shown along with other sea creatures. Marlin quickly embarks on an adventure to rescue Nemo. Marlin will stop at nothing until his son is home safely.

Marlin travels the mysterious wonders of the ocean to save Nemo. Along the way, he meets helpful friends who point him in the right direction. The film ends on a happy note as Marlin was able to find Nemo and bring him home.

4/10 Mr. Popper’s Penguins Are Much More Than Jim Carrey Hanging Out With Penguins


Tom Popper was a rather unhappy businessman who spent little or no time with his family. After receiving a surprise gift from his own father, the life he once led begins to change. Tom Popper is gifted with six penguins. His original plan was to donate the penguins to a zoo, but after his children fell in love with the penguins, Tom Popper changed his mind.

Tom reunites his family and goes on an adventure to save the penguins. After the rescue is complete, they take the penguins back to their home in Antarctica. Not only were the penguins reunited with their families, but Tom Popper was able to reunite with his family, creating a beautiful happy ending.

3/10 Happy Feet is an eco adventure


happy feet is one of the most family movies because it is full of comedy and music. The film teaches a few lessons as it leads viewers to its happy ending. Happy Feet ends on a happy note, filled with singing and dancing.

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Mumble becomes the hero and is eventually accepted by his own colony. Not only was he considered the hero, but he successfully taught his colony to dance and restored his fish supply. Gloria and Mumble find love and become friends forever. Their wedding causes all the penguins to come together at the end to celebrate.

2/10 Dr. Dolittle speaks to animals and to the heart

Eddie Murphy as Dr. Dolittle standing in front of a tiger.

Dr. Dolittle takes things to the next level when he discovers he has the ability to speak with animals. This new ability creates major problems for Dr. Dolittle. He had colleagues who were beginning to suspect he was going crazy and their clinic was being taken over.

The events of the film lead viewers to a happy ending. Dr. Dolittle embraces his gift for talking to animals and refuses to sell the clinic. He takes time to reconnect with his family, creating a deeper bond with his daughter. Dr. Doolittle also adopts a dog, and his daughter’s swan’s foot hatches into an alligator.

1/10 Lady And The Tramp is a Disney classic

Lady and Tramp sit down for dinner, sharing a plate of meatballs and spaghetti.

the Lady and the Tramp follows the story of two dogs. Lady leads a rather pampered life with her owners. Tramp, on the other hand, has made the streets his home. Lady’s luxurious life quickly slips away from her after her owners have a baby, and she soon finds herself lost on the streets.

Tramp arrives and transforms into Lady’s savior. He introduces her to a life of free will and adventure, which she had never known before. the Lady and the Tramp ends on a happy note as Lady finds her way home, now accompanied by Tramp, who is welcomed into their family.

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