10 Best Cats In Marvel Comics

One of the best things to come out of the Marvel Unlimited platform has been its Marvel Infinity comics, and one of the best (and cutest) Marvel Infinity comics is Marvel Meow, which follows the adventures of some of the hairiest feline friends in the Marvel Comics Universe. . They’re not the only cats to grace the pages of Marvel Comics.

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Over the years, many different Marvel Comics titles have featured cats, whether they were ordinary companions to heroes, villains, and their friends, or super-powered beings in their own right. From genetically engineered mutant cats to stray cats that have melted the toughest hearts, Marvel’s cats have done it all.

ten Mister Sinister’s Cy-Cat refuses to obey

Mister Sinister's Cy-Cat Turns Down Orders in Marvel Comics

One of the first revelations of Immortal X-Men was that in his spare time, Mister Sinister pursued his own evil plots, with the help of a few unusual lab assistants – Cy-Cat and Professor Plod. Plod is a turtle, but Cy-Cat is a hairless cat with Cyclops’ laser vision and visor.

Professor Plod is friendly and eager to please, but Cy-Cat is another story. Even with his extensive knowledge of genetic manipulation and the ability to affect even the smallest details of his own personality, Sinister cannot control Cy-Cat. The innate rebellion of cats resists all attempts at control.

9 Biggs is the cutest Marvel cyborg

Howard the duck holding Biggs the cyborg cat

Howard the Duck was once hired to track down a cat that was kidnapped by the client’s girlfriend. The cat, named Biggs, had been transformed by his captor into a cyborg, in order to make the hunt more interesting for him. While searching for Biggs, Howard was also grabbed by the same villain.

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Luckily for Howard and Biggs, Squirrel Girl got involved in the case and she was able to track them and a number of other abducted animals to the estate where they were being held and save them. Biggs’ original owner rejected him after seeing his cybernetic implants, but Howard decided to keep Biggs as a pet.

8 Chewie is the best fake cat ever

When Captain Marvel adopted her pet cat Chewie, she had no reason to believe it was anything other than a normal cat. She looked and behaved like a cat. It wasn’t until Carol teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy that she discovered Chewie’s true nature. Rocket saw the creature and immediately tried to kill it out of fear.

Chewie is not a cat at all, but a creature called Flerken. She has a pocket dimension in her that allows her to produce giant tentacles. Chewie may be a monster, but she’s also a hero. During Judgment Day, Chewie saved and comforted many people in their building and gained the ancestor’s approval.

7 Doctor Shapiro is a real doctor

Doctor Shapiro spilling a cup and typing on a keyboard

Tony Stark is a super-genius, so it’s only natural that all the animals he keeps are also super-geniuses. Doctor Shapiro is a hyper-intelligent cat who worked for Stark Unlimited. His title is not honorary – he has an actual doctorate in superhuman biology and he can communicate using a translation necklace.

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Doctor Shapiro helped save the world many times while working for Stark. He spied on another rival company by posing as an ordinary cat, then escaped to pass on what he had learned to Stark. In doing so, he helped avert a plot to enslave the people of Earth.

6 Alpine & Winter Soldier take care of each other

Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier on a motorcycle with his cat Alpine

Bucky Barnes, better known as the Rebel Winter Soldier, has a lot of trauma in his past. Fortunately, he has a furry companion to help comfort him when he feels the worst. Bucky’s cat, Alpine, has been by her side many times in the Winter Soldier comics, and Bucky even saved her by shielding her with his own body from an explosion.

The Winter Soldier has a pretty hectic schedule, which can make caring for a pet difficult. Fortunately, Bucky has plenty of cat-loving friends who are happy to help. Misty Knight’s metal arm has helped Alpine feel comfortable around her, while Captain Marvel and Black Widow have regularly welcomed Alpine with their own pets.

5 Ebony has a new lease on life

Ebony the familiar feline

Ebony is the pet feline of Angela Harkness, one of Marvel’s most accomplished witches, and sometimes mentor to the Scarlet Witch. The little black cat looks modest, but can turn into a ferocious giant wildcat in the blink of an eye. The original Ebony met a sad end when Angela had to sacrifice her for a spell.

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Luckily for Ebony, Franklin Richards, a powerful mutant, created a pocket dimension after the Fantastic Four sacrificed themselves to defeat Onslaught. In this pocket dimension, he was able to bring people back to life, and one of those he revived was Angela with her old familiar, Ebony, who helped save the day.

4 Liho adopted the black widow

Natasha and Liho

Natasha Romanov, the murderous former Black Widow assassin, doesn’t think her life is suitable for a pet, given the danger and frequent travel. Her cat Liho, however, never received this message. This stray made her way into Natasha’s heart by simply showing up until she had no choice but to deal with the adorable little stalker.

Although Black Widow is reluctant to care for a pet, she takes her responsibilities seriously. After Liho came into her life, she considered the cat part of her family. Work keeps her busy, but luckily she can count on friends and old flames like Bucky Barnes to cat-sit.

3 Rufus joined the Runaways

Rufus takes a nap with Molly and Old Lace in Runaways

In the series Runaways, the villainous Dr. Hayes experimented on a group of stray cats, giving some of them telepathy. Rufus was one of those cats. Rufus was planted with the runaways as a spy, though Molly believed he was truly on their side. Eventually, Gert’s raptor, Old Lace, ate the other genetically enhanced cats, but Rufus survived and joined the runaways as a pet.

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Although her relationship with Old Lace remained volatile at times, she and Rufus eventually learned to co-exist. He became a fixture in the runaway base and a comforting presence to its members, who certainly needed solace after losing their biological families, but thankfully found each other.

2 Mewnir teams up with Squirrel Girl and her friends

Lucky and Mewnir

Squirrel Girl is one of Marvel’s healthiest and most successful heroes. Doreen Green mostly hangs out with squirrels, but her roommate, Nancy Whitehead, has a cat named Mewnir, who has helped save the day on several occasions. Mew, as she is known, befriended Kate Bishop’s dog, Lucky, and together they helped save the town from the Taskmaster.

After Nancy and Doreen’s Tippy-Toe Squirrel disappeared, Mew was the only witness. Doreen tried to get Mew to all the cat-themed super people she knew, but no one could communicate with her. Finally, Loki was able to locate the missing pair. Mew teamed up with Squirrel Girl, Loki, Drax, and the Silver Surfer to save their friends.

1 Gambit is a Disney fan

Sabretooth kidnapped three kittens as a “snack” before her ally Mystique rescued them and left them at Gambit’s apartment. Gambit can sometimes play both sides of the law, but he has a soft heart and he’s embraced the cats in his life, naming them Oliver, Lucifer, and Figaro, all of which are references to cats from Disney’s animated movies.

This feline trio has stayed with Gambit through several moves, and they get along well with his partner, Rogue. Life in Gambit carries some danger, but everyone pitches in to protect the fluffy babies. When his apartment at the lighthouse exploded, Captain Britain stepped in to protect and save these lucky cats.

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