2 Woodbridge residents bitten by rabid cat; Canton on alert

WOODBRIDGE, NJ – Be extra careful with stray cats and animals in your yards, residents of Woodbridge:

A feral cat found on Friday October 7 in the vicinity of Edward Street in Iselin has tested positive for the rabies virus, the Woodbridge Department of Health and Human Services has announced.

Additionally, two Edward Street residents were also bitten/scratched by the cat, said Philip Bujalski, director of health and social services for Woodbridge.

These residents were told to seek medical attention immediately and get a rabies shot and rabies shot, as rabies is almost always a deadly virus if not treated immediately.

Rabies killed a 6-year-old boy in Florida in 2018 after he was scratched by a bat and his parents failed to get him vaccinated for rabies in time.

A resident called Woodbridge Animal Control on Friday to report a calico-colored feral cat that appeared ill and was acting abnormally during the day in the Edward Street area.

An animal control officer captured the feral cat, killed it, and its carcass was transported to the New Jersey Department of Health forensic laboratory in Trenton for standard rabies evaluation.

The state notified Woodbridge on Wednesday that the feral cat had tested positive for rabies. Additionally, the state health department veterinarian has instructed Woodbridge Animal Control to locate and capture all feral cats at the Edward Street colony, as the colony has most likely been exposed to the rabies virus. .

Most likely, all of these cats will be killed.

Residents in/near the Edward Street neighborhood in Iselin who may have observed or come into close contact with any of the neighborhood feral cats should contact the Department of Health at 732-855-0600, ext. 5007.

Rabies can affect any warm-blooded animal (raccoon, fox, skunk, groundhog, dog or cat). DO NOT come into close contact with stray or wild animals and NOT let children play with or feed feral cats and/or wildlife. Make sure trash cans, garbage cans and recycling containers are tightly closed.

Be careful when observing feral cats and/or wild animals acting erratically, as an animal with rabies will deviate from normal behavior. If you see a wild animal acting in an erratic or unusual way, contact Animal Health/Control at: 732-855-0600 ext. 5007.

Make sure pets are up to date with their rabies vaccine. If they are not up to date, take them immediately to your veterinarian for a rabies shot.

If you are bitten by an animal, especially if it is acting erratically or unusually, confine the animal if it is safe to do so or obtain a good description of the animal for later identification, clean the wound, see a doctor and contact the health department. at 732-855-0600 ext. 5007.