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When it comes to our cats, nothing is too good for them! From the best and most nutritious foods to the cutest toys that will keep them satisfied all day long, we make sure we get the best of the best for them. However, our kitties can be a little picky when it comes to their toys.

We’ve all been there: they choose an empty cardboard box over a huge cat tree. But we found a solution! Cats appreciate the simpler things in life, and this $4 toy will easily become their favorite in no time!

OurPets Carrot Cat Toy.

OurPets Catnip Stuffed Cat Carrot


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OurPets Catnip Filled Cat Carrot is an interactive and stimulating toy your cats won’t get tired of (especially if they get bored easily!) Both mentally and physically stimulating, this catnip filled toy cat was created to help cats relieve stress, anxiety. , and boredom thanks to its playfulness.

Now, why should you give catnip to your fur babies? It is packed with benefits such as promoting activity, aiding digestion, and fulfilling the hunting instinct, to name a few. Depending on the brand, all you have to do is leave it open and give it to your cat (and maybe sprinkle more catnip over time!)

With over 15,500 4.5-star reviews on Amazon, shoppers swear by it to keep their cats happy and entertained all day long. One buyer called it a “cat’s dream come true”, saying, “My cat loves it. She fights it, conquers it and takes her prize like the tiger she is. Excellent products.

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Another buyer added that it’s his cat’s favorite, saying, “This toy has lasted a while now and my cat loves it more than anything else.” The only thing that broke was the little feather at the top but everything else went perfectly fine. Good toy.

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