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For our cats: we have the toys for cats, we have the snacks that they love and which are way too expensive, the scratching posts and all the rest. To put it bluntly, we have spoiled fur babies. We can’t help it, we love them and we want the best for them! However, regulating things can be tricky at times, especially with their food.

We bring out their snacks and food, and without any warning, they savagely go at it. Then we clean up their vomit later from overeating. But we just discovered one of Amazon’s best-kept secrets that shoppers say is not only good for solving our cats’ eating problems, but also their boredom. The best part? It’s less than $10.


LickiMat Felix $8.99 on Amazon.com

This Lickimat Felix is ​​an innovative tool that reduces anxiety, boredom and overeating with your fur babies. This mat is perfect for cats who need to slow down a bit while eating, as it will make them feel sick or lethargic later. Thus, with the LickiMat, it offers an enriched feeding experience because the grooves that surround it make it easier to take your time to eat. Both freezer and microwave safe, this incredibly versatile mat also helps with dental health as the textured surface scrapes food off your cat’s tongue (so no more waking up to that awful fishy smell when they poke their face in yours!)

All you have to do is place your cat’s food or treats on the mat and serve (then easily wash off the residue!)

With nearly 6,000 reviews on Amazon, pet parents can’t get enough of this mat. One buyer said it was a “must have for a pet”, saying, “LOOOOVE this! My cat loves it too. Easy to clean and spread. Perfect size too, especially for cats or small dogs.

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Another buyer added that this mat “helps my cat’s eating problem”, saying, “I tried a slow eating bowl, but the stiff ridges were too high for my cat’s muzzle to reach. food and hurt her tongue. Then I got this, and the ridges are low enough for her to reach up and eat the bits and lick all the sauce. It didn’t totally stop her regurgitation, but now it’s once or twice a week instead of every morning.

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