85 cats from the Poquoson animal sanctuary safe after bad weather

POQUOSON, Va. — At Poquoson Animal Welfare Sanctuary (PAWS), all 85 cats are being accommodated after inclement weather hit the peninsula in recent days, thanks to a lot of preparation.

“We usually raise our cat houses above the ground by at least a pallet anyway, but before the flood we tried to raise them even higher,” said board member Elaine Jones. administration.

Jones said where the shrine is, next to Messick Road, there is a high likelihood that they will be hit by water.

“If you see the flood map, you just see it creeping in from both sides,” Jones said.

She said they’ve raised their outdoor cat houses and opened up their cat condos so outdoor cats have a place to stay dry.

PAWS’ mission is to care for abused, neglected and unwanted cats. They encourage, adopt and trap, castrate and also release. Jones said it was for one reason.

“It’s such a satisfying feeling to know that you are at least helping in some way, for these wonderful animals that are born in the wild and are uncared for or abandoned, or have need some extra help, it’s just a great feeling,” Jones said.

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