A camera catches a cat who does everything to prevent his parents from sleeping

About a month after Ash’s adoption, his new family discovered one of his main personality traits: she really, really hates when his parents are sleeping.

Instead of accepting that humans sometimes need to sleep, Ash decided to do everything she could to get her parents to give up sleep for good, and her anti-sleep campaign has been going on for almost a year now. In order to ensure the best possible results, her tactics vary depending on who she targets.

“For me, she meows in my face and lays on top of me,” Lauren, Ash’s mother (who asked that her last name not be included), told The Dodo. “Rarely will she smash my face. To my boyfriend, she tends to sway more but rarely leaves a mark. But her favorite method is to scream until one of us wakes up.

Ash is incredibly determined and won’t give up until one of her parents wakes up and acknowledges her presence. As a compromise, she also tries to join them in bed for intermittent naps, but only in the most awkward places possible.

In order to find some humor in their constant sleep loss, his parents set up a camera to record Ash’s late-night antics – and the results are pretty hilarious.

Lauren posted the footage of Ash trying to wake them up online, and everyone had something to say about the adorable little night terror.

“Comments range from ‘You need a bigger bed for this cat to have room’, ‘My cat/dog does that too’, to ‘She doesn’t wake you up, you both wake her up’ “Lauren said. .

Ash’s parents are happy that she was able to make people all over the world laugh. Even if they are a little more tired since her adoption, they still wouldn’t change her for anything in the world.