A cat in the KZN gift owner with a poisonous snake

As we approach warm weather in KwaZulu-Natal, there will be cause for concern regarding snake activity in the province.

Ask snake expert Nick Evans, who saw something weird happen in Inchanga.

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According to IOL News, a cat owner was seen bringing a young viper to someone as a gift.

I’m not kidding, a cat managed to bring a dangerous and poisonous snake to the owner without getting so many scratches on the animal.

According to Nick, cats can be considered as such kind of animals which are brilliant at dodging snake attacks.

“I was surprised that the cat avoided being bitten by the highly venomous snake which strikes quickly. Luckily the snake was not injured,” says Nick.

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Despite this, not all cats are like this, as Nick pointed out that there were other cats in various areas like Pinetown who weren’t so lucky.

“Two cats in a house in Pinetown couldn’t dodge the spray of a Mozambique spitting cobra, they were both lucky to recover,” says Nick.

According to IOL, there have been reports of cats bringing in snakes that are either already killed or still alive but aren’t as dangerous as initially feared.

These non-venomous snakes are usually killed by cats.

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