A cat show in Hyderabad for cat lovers

Love the purr and occasional slap from your cat.? That cats are demanding and always find their way into your heart is a big part of their charm, as any cat lover would tell you. The first Hyderabad Cat Show organized by the Feline Club of India is a welcome addition to the calendar of cat lovers.

This show gives cat owners the opportunity to network and understand their cats and their needs. The interesting line-up of events includes expert talks on cat health and maintenance, engaging a cat for exercise, proper grooming methods, and a discussion of diet and cat needs. pets. In addition, two judges – Fadly Saud and Indra Fazir – will judge the cats on breed standards, health and hygiene, grooming and activity.

There will be no cat walks. Saniya Pathan Patel, coordinator of the Feline Club of India, says: “This event is not a beauty contest; it is for everyone. We are not in the business of buying and selling cats, but people are free to network and adopt. Cats that were vaccinated a fortnight ago and microchipped have registered for the paid event, she informs.

The Hyderabad Cat show will be held at HF ​​Convention Pillar No 247, Rajendra Nagar on 6th November at 10am. Tickets available at http://felineclub.in/catshow/