A hilarious slap from a cat to a dog will win your heart, watch it here

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Viral video: The internet is full of funny animal videos that can surely make you laugh out loud. For some amazing reason, these videos most often involve cats and dogs. In the same channel, a video went viral on the internet that shows two dogs fighting and what happened next captured the hearts of netizens.

The cat slaps the dog who is fighting with his partner

The video opens with a one-room scene where two can be seen at first glance. However, seconds later, the two dogs quickly clashed and began to fight. Then, as one of the dogs turns to the other side, near a bed, he instantly faces a cat who looks him straight in the eye, and then the hilarious moment comes when the cat has him. slapped instantly.

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The dog then turned in another direction and continued on its way. However, many would have assumed that the dog would hit the cat, but it didn’t and just walked away. Eventually it turned out that the cat was the real boss there. The hilarious slap prompted various reactions to the video from netizens.

Watch the viral video here:

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The video was posted by ‘viral_videos_010’ on Instagram with the caption “And the winner is???” Since it was uploaded, the video has racked up several thousand views. One user wrote: “Cat shows complete dominance here.” Meanwhile, another user wrote: “Clearly the cat turned out to be the surprising winner.” A third user wrote: “That slap was really hard.” Many more just left the laughing emojis in the comments section.

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