A man throws a cat in the air and twirls it on the ground, AVS investigates alleged abuse

Man throws and swings cat in alleged abuse case in Singapore

Trusting someone new and letting them into our lives takes courage. Watching them take advantage of this privilege and even hurt those we love is extremely painful.

Over the past few years, a lady from Singapore had to deal with the trauma of being in a relationship with someone who abused her cat.

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Recently, she decided to share incriminating footage of her behavior, which included her throwing and spinning the cat on the floor.

The Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) of Singapore has been alerted to the incident and is currently investigating the matter.

Man throws and twirls cat in viral videos

A series of videos that have gone viral on Instagram show a man being violent towards a male cat named Pidan.

In one such video, the man visibly throws the cat in the air before barely catching it in his arms.

Source: Instagram

At one point, he seemingly missed his catch, causing Pidan to land directly on the ground.

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The man then holds Pidan by his front limbs and swings him up and down as if doing kettlebell swings.

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In another clip showing a different setting, the same man appears to be holding Pidan by one of his hind legs and swinging the feline back and forth like a pendulum.

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Besides the “acrobatic aerial parades”, he later spins the cat – apparently Pidan – rapidly on the ground.

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A cat is going to undergo a full body examination

Pidan’s owner posted photos that allegedly showed the feline’s injured paw and what appears to be a reddened area under one of its eyes.

Source: Instagram

The owner’s father apparently sensed something was wrong when he noticed Pidan couldn’t fully open his affected eye.

The sighting led the owner to recall seeing Pidan’s head allegedly hitting a chair or wall while spinning at rapid speeds.

So the owner took the cat to the vet and administered treatment to the animal’s superficial wounds. As she was telling MS News that Pidan has fully recovered, she will soon bring him in for a full checkup to see if there is any internal bleeding.

AVS informed of a suspected case of animal abuse

Talk to MS News, The owner of Pidan shared that she had been in a relationship with the man in question for almost two years since November 2020, during which time he visited her house on certain occasions.

The abuse cases apparently took place between mid-2021 and early 2022 and footage of them was captured by CCTV placed around the house. The owner explained that she installed the cameras after noticing her cat was peeing and pooping aimlessly around the house.

She also claimed she was afraid to confront the man because of his history of violence.

AVS was apparently made aware of the alleged case of animal abuse and sent officers to take a statement.

MS News has contacted AVS for more information and will update this article accordingly when they return.

Along with the animal abuse allegations, the cat’s owner claimed the man harassed and doxxed her. She said police are currently investigating the allegations.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram.