A surviving cat meets a new canine sister and instantly falls in love

Meet Cinder and Bridger McPurr – a dog and cat sibling duo who never tire of loving each other.

Cinder and Bridger are part of Mojo’s Hope, a nonprofit rescue group in Anchorage, Alaska. The two siblings come from very different backgrounds and have different needs, but they’re both obsessed with cuddling. So, naturally, they became best friends.

Mojo’s Hope

Cinder first joined the Mojo’s Hope program in 2015 after she was found in the woods by a hiker with a litter of puppies.

“She lacked socialization and was very scared,” Shannon Basner, owner of Mojo’s Hope, told The Dodo.

The hiker brought Cinder to Mat-Su Valley Shelter, where she stayed for six months to receive the love and care she needed.

After six months, Cinder was transferred to Mojo’s Hope.

Mojo’s Hope

“She came into our program and thrived under our care,” Basner said. “She learned to trust us, and what we saw from her immediately was her incredibly nurturing and compassionate nature.”

Since joining Mojo’s Hope, Cinder has become close friends with all of her siblings in the program, especially the cats.

“She is [become] an amazing mentor to every new rescue that comes into our program,” Basner said. “She provided them with love, care and a safe place.”

Mojo’s Hope

In July 2022, Mojo’s Hope welcomed a new kitty in need. The cat, which they named Bridger McPurr, was found outside in the cold and unable to move its paws.

“He was clinging to life,” Basner said.

Bridger’s rescuers picked him up and brought him to Anchorage Animal Care and Control, where he received emergency medical attention. After a while, Bridger’s legs still didn’t work properly, but his spirits were good.

“He straightened up,” Basner said.

Mojo’s Hope

Shortly after, Bridger arrived at Mojo’s Hope as a foster family, ready to spread love to his new family.

“He immediately purred nonstop,” Basner said. β€œHe snuggled so deeply into the corner of my neck, just purring and kneading. It just showed that someone cared for him, someone loved him.

Because of Bridger’s love of hugs, Basner knew Cinder would make a good buddy for him. She introduced the two, and it was love at first sight for the siblings.

Mojo’s Hope

“Cinder gets Great excited when she has her kitten friends to cuddle up with,” Basner said. “With Bridger, she was very careful at first, because she knew he was very fragile.”

Cinder indulged in her cuddles with Bridger, but the sweet cat didn’t hesitate to love her dog sister.

“He was smitten as soon as he saw her,” Basner said. “When he saw her, he lit up and started cuddling with her.”

You can watch Cinder and Bridger cuddling here:

The love duo have been attached to each other ever since. According to Basner, Bridger snuggles up to Cinder and gently pats her in the face. It purrs loudly while doing so.

“It’s beyond valuable,” Basner said. “No matter how many times we’ve seen this, it really is the most beautiful and precious sight!”

Watch the duo snuggle up some more here:

While Cinder is a permanent resident of Mojo’s Hope, Bridger is looking for a loving forever home. But her family at Mojo’s Hope are in no rush to say goodbye to the cuddly cat.

“We would like Bridger to connect with a wonderful home,” Basner said. “However, in the meantime, he will continue to be well loved, cared for and will always be a member of our Mojo’s Hope family.”

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