Accelerate your way through CAT 2022; topper reveals how he got 99.96%

Nationwide qualifying exams like the CAT require students to strategize, prioritize, and perform under pressure as the clock ticks down. IIM student Bangalore Ayush Pradhan found a way to beat the clock and got 99.96% in CAT 2021.

Divulging his top tips for CAT 2022 aspirants, the PGP student says:

Count your minutes

Although you have 40 minutes to solve a single section, try to complete all the problems presented in 25-30 minutes. Try to ask as many questions as possible and only answer those you are sure of. Even if you very accurately attempt 13 questions from each section, you are still required to score at least 117 points, assuming you were not graded negatively for the answers. Going sequentially doesn’t always work well for exams like CAT.


The best way to run through VARC accurately is to eliminate the wrong answers. Understanding why a given option is not the correct answer will ensure accuracy while saving you time. Many students think that VARC is the easy section and they should never skip answers. This mindset is not always helpful as it reduces your exam time while increasing your chances of being graded negatively.


Aim to attempt at least three sets in the DILR section within 40 minutes. The key here is to jump from question to question and not entirely from set to set. It is possible that the first questions of a particular set are easy and the last one is a trap to take your time. Keep in mind that your goal for this exam is to maximize your marks throughout a section, not just a set.

Quantitative analysis

Once the quantitative analysis section appears in front of you, the best thing to do is to go through the entire section once. The paper will have at least 10 questions which can be answered in 30 seconds, try to answer these types of questions in 8 minutes. Solving them with precision and scoring your points as fast as possible is key.

Look at your options

Besides the question itself, reviewing all of your options will help you resolve the issue faster. Reviewing your CAT options gives you insight into how a problem is framed. Once you understand the type of options they have offered, it becomes very easy to skim through the trick questions.

Ayush Pradhan

This article is part of the CAT 2022 tips featured specially by The Free Press Journal to help School B aspirants pass the exam.

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