Another cat reported stolen in Sonoma

An 18-year-old cat was stolen from a resident of the 400 block of Church Street on Aug. 18 at 5:45 a.m., leaving the owner to chase the thief in his car, according to Sonoma Police Sgt. Michael Baraz.

The cat’s owner watched from his kitchen window as a woman he didn’t know was taking pictures of the house across the street. Unexpectedly, the woman picked up her cat that was walking nearby and returned to her vehicle before starting her car and driving off, according to Baraz. The owner chased the car waving his arms, but was unable to get the woman to stop.

The owner told police the cat was old and skinny and might appear unhealthy to a stranger, so he understands the woman’s actions may not have been malicious.

The owner hopes to find his cat if and when a flea is found at a veterinarian’s office or pet hospital. He called many shelters in the area, but did not get his cat back, Baraz said.

There are no suspicious leads at this time, Baraz said, and no photos of the cat were available.

Index-Tribune readers may remember Nubbins, the cat who was stolen from an AirBnB last spring Thanksgiving, and only returned after a court battle this year.


A son knew better when he stopped his mother from sending $10,000 cash to a UPS box in Virginia, which was part of an online scam, according to Baraz.

The 83-year-old received a fraudulent email demanding payment of $10,000 for anti-virus software which was allegedly “unpaid”.

“The victim’s son stepped in and canceled the shipment, and the victim did not lose any money or loss,” Baraz said. “Good job on the son.”

Hit and run

A lamp post was mutilated in a hit-and-run near the UPS store at the Maxwell Mall along the 19200 block of Highway 12 on Sunday, Aug. 20, according to Baraz.

There are no suspects and the exact time of the incident is unknown. Baraz said: “No debris, no vehicle, it was all gone.”

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