Australian school supports teenager’s decision to identify as a cat

A school in Australia allowed one of its students to be non-verbal in class and to behave like a cat, according to her wishes.

The unnamed teenager, who is in Year 8, would be allowed to act feline and be non-verbal at private school in Melbourne as long as it did not become a distraction to other classmates.

The teenager identifies as a cat and wants to be treated as such.

According to the Herald Sun, the school, which called the girl “phenomenal brilliant”, said some of its students had a range of identity and mental health issues.

“Our approach is always unique to the student and we will consider professional advice and the well-being of the student,” the school statement said, adding that they seek professional advice and listen to the well-being. of their students.

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An insider close to the girl’s family also told the Herald Sun that there is no specific protocol for students who identify as animals.

“Nobody seems to have a protocol for students to identify as animals, but the approach has been that if it doesn’t disrupt the school, everyone sticks together.”

Despite support from the girl’s school and family, an Australian senator has hit out at Melbourne’s private school for encouraging a teenage girl to identify as a cat.