Bea the cat and her best friend Peggy enter each cage to greet their animal companions in the shelter!

This adorable cat named Bea reaches every cage at the vet to say hello and has even asked her best friend, Peggy, to do the same!

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

Bea was found stray as a kitten. Growing up, she liked being in the hospital so much that they let her stay. She’s playful and curious, and the crew loves having her around. Bea loves putting her paw in the cages of other animals and waving at them when they enter.

“We make sure that if an animal comes in, they’re used to cats and the owner is okay with their entry,” The Hospital Cats told The Dodo.

She often sits in front of the cage for 10 or 20 minutes before reaching for her paw to make sure she is okay and happy.

“I like to think she understands ‘Hey, I’ve been there before.’ She just sympathizes with them.


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The workers say she’s great with other animals, and the other animals trust her.

Another cat named Peggy entered the hospital under similar circumstances, and workers noticed Bea putting her paw in the cage, wanting to play with her. It was then that the hospital decided to keep this cat as well. Peggy and Bea have become best friends. Bea and Peggy do everything together around the hospital, from napping together to wrestling and even squashing birds on the computer screen.

Bea trained Peggy to welcome new animals and make them feel at home by waiting by the cage and finally putting their paw up to say hello.

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