Best Cat Trees 2022

Investing in one of the best cat trees is a great way to keep your cat occupied for hours. The way cat trees are designed, they can be used for multiple purposes like scratching, napping, playing and lounging, ensuring your furniture is free of scratch marks. But unlike the cat trees of yore that were big, bulky, and visually unattractive, today’s best cat trees pack a ton of playful features while blending in seamlessly with the rest of your decor. Our top rated pick is the Frisco Cat Tree with Condo which doesn’t take up too much floor space but has tons of features to keep your cat entertained, but there are plenty of other options on this list including the one is necessarily suitable. your style and your budget.

To find the perfect cat tree for you, you will need to consider factors such as size, sturdiness, and overall style. Since cat trees should ideally tap into your pet’s wild instincts, you’ll also want to make sure it has features to keep your cat mentally and physically stimulated. Below, find the best cat trees your feline friend will love.

Best Overall Cat Tree

A beautiful cat tree that has it all

This cat tree is one of Chewy’s most popular trees and for good reason. At 38 inches, it’s neither too big nor too small and just ideal for fitting into a small space. Plus, it has all the features you should be looking for in a cat tree. For starters, the lower level flaunts a cat condo where your cat can take a nap after some playtime, followed by two differently sized scratching posts for post-nap rubbing. The perches provide two bird’s eye views for your cat, with the top one serving as a mini bed. The hanging toy is the finishing touch. Reviewers also point out that this cat tree does not wobble and is well weighted.

Best Budget Cat Tree

A cost-effective cat tree that contains many great features

Furhaven Tiger Tough Plush Hammock for Small Cat Tree with Toys

This is a great option for cat parents looking for a compact and economical cat tree. With a soft, fuzzy texture, this tree features a premium hammock bed where your cat can take plenty of cat naps. Plus, there are plenty of accessories included under the bed to keep the cat busy: two scratching posts, an arched brush to help him groom himself, and a ball he’ll pet for hours. With a choice of cream and silver, each neutral shade will work in a variety of spaces.

Best Luxury Cat Tree

A delightfully chic tree for big cats

Looking for a cat tree that not only will your cats love, but will also look stunning in your space? You will love this great option from Mau. Featuring natural wood branches and seagrass nap baskets, the soft, luxurious fabric gives the tree a cat-luxe vibe. Two scratching posts and toys hanging from the stick will keep the cat interested for hours. Choose from three colors that will fit perfectly into your decor: Cotton White, Bullet Gray and Brown.

Best cat tree for kittens

A tiered tree for beginners and growing kittens

While you can purchase multiple cat trees to match your pet’s ever-changing physical prowess, it might be a good idea to purchase one with multiple levels that it can progress to over time. This one from Amazon does the trick, with a lower platform your baby cat can easily jump on, plus four scratching posts they can access as well. They can also go to the second level kitten condo so they can snuggle up for a nap. As they grow and feel braver, they can move up to the small nap hammock, the third level and the upper level bed, with another scratching post and toy. An added benefit is that it comes with a tie down strap to prevent spills.

Best cat tree with scratching post

The perfect tree for cats obsessed with scratching posts

Is your cat absolutely obsessed with scratching posts? Give them the tree of their dreams with this choice from Friscoo. Five of the posts are wrapped in sisal, which your cat will love, along with a scratching ramp to mix it up. And if you’re the parent of more than two cats, this tree is designed to allow multiple kittens to avoid all… ahem, cat fights. The tree also has a condo where they can sleep in the afternoon, a few levels for playtime, and a toy to keep them entertained.

Best Cat Tree for Multiple Cats

A cat tree that can easily entertain up to six kittens

Calling all multi-cat households: If your kitties are constantly fighting over the single, simple cat tree you have in your home, buy one that they can all use harmoniously at the same time. This cat tree is perfect if you have a pack of cats, packed with every must-have feature you can think of, and lots of them. For starters, downstairs your cats will discover a nap hammock and two scratching posts. The next level has a private condo, scratching post, and ball toy, and there’s another cave above. The next level has two scratching posts and a place to sleep and if they climb above they will find another ball toy, a scratching post and two levels. In other words? It’s the ultimate cat tree to keep your kitties busy for hours.

Best Small Cat Tree

The perfect cat tree for small to medium sized kittens

If your cat weighs less than 25 pounds, you’re probably looking for an equally small cat tree. This well-designed option from Amazon Basics is perfect, with an upper level that will allow them to relax by a window at 22 inches high and a lower level with two scratching posts and a place to sleep. It’s best for one to two cats, and if you want something beyond this simple platform design, Amazon Basics has options for other tiered cat trees as well.

Best Fancy Cat Tree

A nice looking cat tree

These days, you can absolutely find a cat tree that matches your personal style and space, and this tree by Tucker Murphy is no exception. It has the stylish elements you are looking for, like a modern veneer “house” for your cat, sisal detailing and a plastic bowl to rest in. Aesthetics aside, the tree has eight scratching posts, two hanging ball toys, four vertical ball toys, and multiple platforms where they can count sheep…or mice, in their case.