Black vets celebrate international cat care award for hospital

An award-winning Black Country veterinary practice has been honored for its care of cats by the prestigious International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM).

Blacks Vets, which has practices in Lye, Oldbury, Sedgley and Quinton, has had its animal hospital in Dudley recognized as a Silver Level Cat Friendly Clinic (CFC) by the ISFM.

Sophie Evans, cat advocate at Linnaeus-owned Blacks Vets, said the prestigious award was recognition of the hospital’s commitment to promoting welfare and the highest standards of care for all cats in their care. visit.

Sophie said: “We are extremely proud to have achieved this prestigious Cat Friendly Clinic status for our hospital in Dudley.

“As a cat-friendly clinic, we are trained to handle cats in a way that minimizes stress, fear and anxiety, as well as advising clients on how best to transport their cats safely and comfortably to us.

The ISFM launched the Cat-Friendly Clinic initiative to encourage veterinary clinics to make changes to improve the welfare of the cats in their care.

The program advises practices on how to make their environment as cat-friendly as possible, as well as providing support in staff training, handling techniques and cat-specific client care.

Sophie added: “The ISFM looks at the provision of facilities and the activities and attitudes of staff aimed at reducing stress in cats, both as inpatients and outpatients.

“Its criteria include separate holding areas for dogs and cats, feline-friendly hospital cages, and veterinary equipment specifically for the treatment of cats.

“We had to demonstrate that the team here at Dudley understands the needs of cats and always strives to make visits to our home cat-friendly.

“We have also shown that we always handle cats gently and in accordance with ISFM guidelines for feline-friendly handling and nursing care, while committing to be ‘unscrupulous’.

“Clinics should also maintain high standards of veterinary care, including continuing to update their knowledge of feline medicine as new knowledge becomes available.”