Boyfriend Dungeon Finally Revealed Pocket the Cat’s Roommate

In the indie game Boyfriend’s Dungeon, the player primarily uses their phone to arrange dates or platonic dates with their comrades in arms. While this method works for human companions, Pocket’s situation is a little more complicated since he’s a cat who can’t or chooses not to use a phone. Instead, the player communicates with Pocket’s roommate who lets them know when Pocket is out and about to facilitate their outings.

Pocket’s roommate revealed his name, Tank, in the base game, but players didn’t have a face to put on his name. However, Jonas’ course has him surfing ax in the Boyfriend’s Dungeon: Secret Weapons The free DLC reveals that Tank is actually the previously unnamed bouncer at La Rosa, Verona Beach’s main nightclub. Some players might miss this reveal as it hinges on a date with Jonas and a specific meeting place in the first mall dungeon. Tank’s reveal further ties Jonah’s route to the rest of the game and helps flesh out his character and his place in it. Boyfriend’s Dungeonof the world.

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How to Access Pocket’s Roommate Reveal

Pocket’s roommate reveal varies depending on whether or not the player has the secret weapons DLC installed or not. In the base game, as the player continues down the road to Pocket, they have a text exchange where Pocket’s roommate asks for their name. When the player tells them, Tank responds by name and claims he is a personal trainer. However, since no character is identified with the name Tank in the base game, his full identity remains a secret even though the player encounters him in person multiple times.

In secret weapons, the revelation can take place in several ways. If the player wields Jonah in the mall dungeon, Pocket will spawn at the cat statue lair. Jonah identifies Pocket as his friend Tank’s cat. If the player has not yet obtained Pocket as a companion, this lair could be considered Pocket’s first appearance in the game. If the player has already recruited Pocket as a companion, the player can also reveal that he is a weapon, much to Jonah’s surprise.

If the player does not trigger this lair, they will also encounter Tank on Jonah’s third date. Jonah will discuss losing his job again and Tank will empathize with him for annoying bosses. If this date occurs before Tank sends a text message to the player asking for their name, Tank will recognize the player as Jonah’s friend when the conversation takes place. Even if the player doesn’t get to the cat statue meeting place, this exchange still makes it clear that Tank the bouncer is Pocket’s roommate, even though the new dialogue doesn’t ask Tank to reveal his name via text.

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How Tank’s Identity Makes Boyfriend Dungeon A Stronger Game

Tank’s reveal as Pocket’s roommate gives his character more layers, and in doing so, fleshes out the rest of Verona Beach. In the base game, the player primarily knew Tank as a bouncer who worked for La Rosa and at other events. In his text conversation with the player, Tank states that he is a personal trainer, which seems to contradict his role. However, Tank’s multiple jobs show that he could also work as a personal trainer, and this profession is the one he most identifies with.

More importantly, Tank’s role as La Rosa’s bouncer and his friendship with Jonah show that he might be much more in tune with the supernatural happenings of Verona Beach than most players realize. In Sunder the vampiric talwar’s route, Tank clearly knows his boss isn’t quite human. While his conversation with Jonah reveals that Tank finds Sunder annoying, he still remains a loyal employee. His friendship with Jonah shows that Tank also knows more about people-at-arms.

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This revelation of Tank’s multiple roles also recontextualizes his relationship with Pocket. In the base game, Tank finds Pocket in his brass knuckles form, but he doesn’t realize that brass knuckles are his cat. When Pocket returns to his cat form, Tank texts the player that Pocket must have slept somewhere. In the base game, this exchange reads like Tank still doesn’t know or denies that Pocket is an armed person. However, in secret weaponsthe swap could also show that Tank is protecting Pocket’s identity because he doesn’t realize the player already knows.

Therefore, while Pocket’s identity as a gunman may come as a surprise to Tank, he’s still equipped to handle the news. Tank’s multiple roles make him a more fully realized character, from loving pet owner to close friend to security guard. Tank’s identity as a character who appeared to be a random NPC also fleshes out the world of Boyfriend’s Dungeon by showing how characters outside of the player’s primary friend group react to the weirdness involved in both the dungeons and the other supernatural elements of Verona Beach.