Camera Vigil For Big Cat Fear | Bhubaneswar News

Berhampur: Forest officials set up camera traps on the Bhanja Bihar-Berhampur University campus and its annexes Antarabati village of Ganjam neighborhood given the presence of two leopards, including a calf, in the area for a few days.
“In addition to intensifying patrols, we have set up camera traps to identify the animal. No wild animals could be spotted during night patrols for the past two days. Our staff are trying to locate the mark of the animals. animals,” the Divisional Forest Officer from Berhampur said. Amlan Nayak on Sunday.
“We alerted inmates at the hostel and other university staff to the problem. Forest staff, along with a 10-member team from the university, also launched a search operation in the jungle near the vice-chancellors’ quarters,” the campus supervisor said. Mihir Tripartite. tnn