Can you spot the hidden cat in 17 seconds?

Optical illusion test: This optical illusion image has a hidden cat. If you can spot the hidden cat within 17 seconds, you can call yourself the “Hawkeye”.

Let us tell you that very few could get it right. Are you one of those elite minds on the internet? Take the challenge now.

Optical illusion: Find the hidden cat

We all love puzzles and challenges because it makes our brain work harder and also helps us to prove our talent. There is a lot of excitement among netizens regarding optical illusions. Keeping that in mind, we have brought an optical illusion test for you.

Well, it’s a challenge you’ll love.

Are you ready for this?

So let’s get started.

In this optical illusion image, there is a cat hiding among the pile of wood, and you have to identify the cat in 17 seconds.


Can you spot the hidden cat?


This one is a tough nut to crack, and only those with great attention to detail can spot the cat among the wooden logs.

Some users couldn’t find the hidden chat and have this to say.

One user wrote: “Cannot see chat.

Another user replied with a sense of sadness, “I’m about to quit.”

While a third user wrote: “I only see wood”.

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Let us help you with some subtle tips; please follow them to spot the cat.

Optical Illusion Test – Tips

Tip 1: The color of the cat’s fur blends with the color of the wood

Clue 2: He is trying to move from one log to another.

Hurry up, time is running out.

Have you spotted the cat yet?

Kudos to those who spotted the cat, you all have exceptional eyesight and razor-sharp minds.

For those who haven’t, here’s the biggest hint.

Try focusing your attention on the lower right corner of the image and see if you notice anything different there. We think you’ll be able to spot the cat now.

If you haven’t succeeded yet, don’t be discouraged. It happens to the best of us.

Scroll below for the solution.


That was all about that optical illusion test. We hope you had a good time with the picture. Stay connected with us for more interesting optical illusion tests and informative articles.

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