Can’t resist the cat’s giant winter coat

He looks so funny in his giant winter coat!

Cats technically don’t need wear clothes. Their fur keeps them quite warm and if they go outside, as long as they don’t stay in freezing temperatures for very long, they will be snug in their fur. But hey, dressing up cats in clothes is hilarious and some owners just like to spoil their fur babies with a new piece of clothing.

That’s what TikTok user @Mrwillisthecat did when he bought a new winter coat for his adorable orange cat. They probably should have measured their cat first though…

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Awwwwww! He needed a coat because he is cold when he walks in the stroller! How adorable is that? @Lancer comments: “He’s purring, maybe it’s big but I think he likes how comfy it is!!” @Deb hilariously observes, “He looks like a little security guard.” LOL, he really does! @Appi posts: “Just look at this distinguished gentleman!” He looks so dashing!

Even though cats don’t need clothes to keep them warm, we certainly can’t help but laugh at how adorable they are in them.

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