CAT 2022 candidate answer sheet available; Know how to calculate the percentile score

CAT 2022 candidate answer sheet available;  Know how to calculate the percentile score

IIM CAT 2022 Percentile Score Calculator

New Delhi:

The Common Admission Test (CAT) candidate answer sheet was released on Thursday, December 1. CAT 2022 was held on November 27. No less than 2,22,184 candidates passed the management entrance exam. The administrative body of CAT has made available the candidate’s answer sheet on the website Because the CAT 2022 exam was conducted in three different teams and given the varying level of difficulty associated with each of the teams, the administering body follows a standardization procedure to arrive at the percentile scores.

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The CAT percentile score will let the contestants know their CAT 2022 ranks. The CAT percentile is a rank of the contender compared to other contenders who have appeared for CAT. To arrive at the CAT 2022 percentile, however, candidates must know the total number of aspirants appearing and the normalized score achieved on the CAT.

How to Calculate the CAT Percentile

  1. Find the total number of contestants appearing on the three teams of CAT 2022
  2. Assign rankings based on scaled or normalized score
  3. Percentile score calculation = [(Number of Aspirants – Rank)/ Number of Aspirants] x100
  4. Round the calculated CAT 2022 percentile score to two decimal places

The CAT 2022 percentile score indicates the percentage of applicants who scored at or below that particular percentile on the admissions test. The percentile score will be the normalized score for the CAT 2022 admission test (instead of the scores received by the candidate) and will be used for the preparation of the CAT 2022 merit lists.