Cat catches bird in flight, internet shocked

Video: Cat pounces on prey in flight, then rescue effort by other birds

The image shows birds attacking the cat.

There are several videos on the Internet that show cats chasing birds, catching them in the air with their amazing acrobatic skills. But this time, a video that has gone viral on the internet shows the birds taking revenge and attacking the hunter cat.

Shared on a social media platform Reddit on Wednesday, the caption of the post reads: “Cat attacked by multiple birds after snatching a bird in the air, then another cat joined the fray.”

The video begins with a cat jumping in the air to catch a flying bird. As the feline lands on the ground, we see the bird flapping its wings to free itself. Suddenly, his feathered friends rush in and start attacking the cat, forcing him to leave the bird.

Another cat then joins the fight and attacks the birds but the first cat runs away with the hold.

Since being shared, the video has received hundreds of upvotes and comments.

“More like species war. Must be two different sets of birds,” one user wrote.

A second said: “Holy shit, this is so crazy. Imagine you were out with your buddies and some other neighborhood kids came over and started a fight, but instead of everyone going home house with a few bruises, one of your buddies got dragged and eaten.”

“That’s how bad the world is, even cats and birds throw each other,” a third user commented.

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