Cat disappears in Hat Yai and ends up 1000 km away in Bangkok, Thailand

‘Moota’, the striped cat, appeared in Bangkok after going missing more than a month ago nearly 1,000 kilometers near the Malaysian border in Hat Yai, Songkhla province, southern Thailand.

Wednesday, the Facebook page ‘Traffic on Bangkok’s Si Rat – Outer Ring Road‘ posted photos of a beautiful striped cat with a red collar around its neck sitting under an umbrella in the back of a van.

A concerned citizen spotted the cat on the side of Si Rat Expressway in Bangkok’s Phaya Thai district and alerted traffic officers. Traffic cops found Moota and knew he must have an owner because of his collar.

It was raining heavily and the cat appeared to be “missing home”, traffic cops said. Keepers suspected the cat got lost or fell out of someone’s car.

Traffic cops thought the cat might be in danger, so they took it away and posted it on Facebook in hopes of finding its owner. The Facebook post gained traction and finally reached the owner of Moota a few days later – all the way to Hat Yai.

On Saturday, the cat’s owner, Baew Jiratsabok, flew to Bangkok to pick up Moota. Yesterday, Baew posted photos on Facebook of Moota waiting to board the train for Hat Yai. The train journey takes between 15 and 18 hours.

Baew joked that she had spent all her money on her plane ticket from Hat Yai to Bangkok, so the couple had to take the long train instead. Moota was impressed because he had never ridden a train before, Baew said. Baew thanked the National Railway of Thailand for letting Moota take the train home.

Baew suspects Moota got to Bangkok by jumping in the back of someone’s van or car in Hat Yai and was there for 13 hours. But Moota went missing almost a month ago – so no one really knows what kind of adventure Moota had.

“Moota” is short for Moo Ga ​​Ta, a popular Thai technique of barbecuing pork.

SOURCE: Thai Rath, CH7