Cat Makes Dramatic Leap Inside Ceiling Shade In Hilarious Video

A video showing a cat’s death-defying vertical leap into a ceiling shade is proving popular with pet fans on social media.

Images of the feline doing the shadow leap, which appears to be made of paper, were shared on TikTok by psykbryt_, and appear to be from Sweden.

In the clip, the cat can be seen appearing to defy the laws of gravity – and the old adage that ‘what goes up must come down’.

By jumping vertically, the cat finds a way to cling to the edges of the open hole in the lampshade before squeezing its whole body inside.

A cat climbing on a curtain rod.
Image of a cat climbing on a curtain rod. A video showing a cat’s death-defying vertical leap into a ceiling shade is proving popular with pet fans on social media.

From there, the cat’s motives become clear with the clip which shows the acrobatic feline enjoying a well-deserved nap in his new cubbyhole. The clip can be viewed here.

It certainly looks like the perfect place to sleep – provided their owner doesn’t turn on the light.

Although this particular cat has taken the concept to the extreme, it’s not uncommon to see a feline forcing itself into the tightest of places looking for the perfect place to take a nap.

According to zoologist and academic Luis Villazon, this is a perfectly normal practice within the four-legged feline community and is linked to the fact that cats love nothing more than a nap.

“Cats can spend 18 hours a day sleeping. As they are solitary animals, they want a safe hiding place to doze off,” he told BBC Science Focus.

“But a cat curled up in a small box, even out in the open, probably avoids your cold floor. Cats are happy at room temperatures around 14°C [57°F] warmer than is comfortable for humans, and if there isn’t a handy ray of sunshine to lie on, they’ll settle for a comfortable shoebox.”

The cat in this particular clip seems to fall firmly into this category, although their antics seem to have left their owner baffled, with the TikToker-loving cat asking his followers, “Are there any cat psychologists?”

However, most onlookers at home were very impressed with the feline’s efforts. Leokaiulani wrote, “10/10 for a calculated precision jump” with Margareta Graas calling the animal’s efforts “genius”.

Footinmouthgirl agreed “it’s actually quite impressive” while CherriB0mb felt the chat was just adhering to the “if I come in, I sit down” mantra. Teemu Korhonen, meanwhile, was baffled, asking, “how did the cat manage to jump over there?” with skrideprol figuring that the feline “saw an opportunity and took it”.

Elsewhere, Yessikx00 wondered, “how was the jump so perfect?” while Thomas Anderson concluded that the cat had just “spotted the best spot”.

Katebellll, however, issued a warning, commenting: “That’s exactly why I had to get rid of all the hanging chandeliers.”

Happy Monkey couldn’t help but crack a UFO joke after noticing the lampshade bore similarities to a flying saucer. “The cat thought the mothership had arrived,” they joked alongside an alien emoji.

Newsweek contacted psykbryt_ for comment.

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