‘Cat p*** in a bottle’ – Watch John Fury SPIT OUT KSI’S Prime drink as he says his son Tyson’s version is ‘the one you want’

JOHN FURY spat out KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime hydration drink – and urged to buy his son Tyson’s version instead.

The brand has caused a stir in the UK, with fans scrambling to get their hands on a bottle and stores selling them for up to £100.

John Fury spit out KSI and Logan Paul's Prime hydration drink


John Fury spit out KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime hydration drinkCredit: @FreeBetsDotCom
John Fury urged fans to buy his son Tyson's Furocity drink


John Fury urged fans to buy his son Tyson’s Furocity drinkCredit: @FreeBetsDotCom

But obviously Fury – Tommy and Tyson’s father – isn’t a fan and can’t understand the hype.

Taking a sip, he said to Free bets“Disgusting. I wouldn’t put that in my mouth.

“You couldn’t pay me five cents to drink that.” It was horrible. Can we move on? It sucked.

“What was that? Fucking cat in a bottle? It was a cross between p *** cat, p *** dog and p *** camel.

“Furocity is the one you want, not this.”

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson, 34, launched his energy drink in early 2022, striking an exclusive deal with Iceland.

That same year, boxing rivals-turned-friends KSI, 29, and Paul, 27, went into business and revealed their drinks business.

And already, it’s become a bit of a sensation with fans around the world eager to see what it’s all about.


Arsenal are sponsored by Prime and the players are huge fans, while Wayne Rooney’s son Kai received a crate.

According to Dealroom.co, Prime is already worth an estimated £18million, but the pair believe they can fetch billions in the future.

And surprisingly, despite Prime’s major success, KSI revealed that neither he nor Paul earned a dime.

Responding to the resales, KSI tweeted, “This pisses me off so much.

“We try so hard to increase the supply as much as possible to try to combat the black market sale.

“Me and Logan didn’t make any money from Prime. It’s all coming back into the business to increase supply. We’re trying people out.”

Looking ahead, Prime is expected to launch a range of new flavors in 2023.

Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Tropical Punch, Strawberry Watermelon and Orange Mango are ready to hit the shelves.

The brand has confirmed that the drinks, currently available in the US, will arrive in the UK in April.

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KSI and Paul hope to keep the thirst for Prime alive as they enter their second year of broadcasting.

Logan Paul and KSI launched Prime in 2022


Logan Paul and KSI launched Prime in 2022Credit: Instagram/@drinkprime