Cat shows off her long jump skills, gets bamboozled at the end. Watch | Tendency

The viral video which shows a cat showing off its exceptional long jumping skills has been shared on Instagram.

The internet is full of videos showing pets participating in challenges set by their humans. These challenges make them active and agile and allow them to show off their exceptional skills. Just like this video posted on social networks which features two cats. The video is an absolute pleasure to watch and is sure to put a wide smile on your face.

The now viral video was posted on Instagram by a page dedicated to cats – Mia and Jerrie. The page has over 1.9 lakh followers on Instagram and regularly posts content featuring the cats. “Long jump challenge with Jerrie. Mia at the end. Hahaha,” read the caption accompanying the video along with three hashtags, #longjumpchallenge, #catchallenge and #catgame.

The video shows the cat named Jerrie taking part in a long jump challenge and showing off his exceptional jumping abilities. However, he ends up getting confused when another cat named Mia simply steps on the paper glasses to reach the other side.

Watch the viral video below:

The video, since being posted on August 5, has garnered 37.2 million views on Instagram. The video has also racked up 2.2 million likes and the numbers only seem to be growing.

“Jerry’s mind = blown away,” one person posted. “I don’t know who I’m more impressed with, Jerrie’s skills or Mia’s intelligence,” another commented with several emoticons. “Jerrie: Wait. I can do this ? ! Isn’t that illegal? ! wrote a third with laughing emoticons.

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