Cat® Simulators New Backhoe Loader System Trains Construction Operators Safely and Efficiently

The new Cat® Simulators backhoe loader system trains students and operators in authentic Cat® controls and drills developed with Caterpillar experts.

Set up a heavy equipment operator training program at your local community college or private company.

Simformotion™ LLC – a leader in heavy equipment simulator training solutions – announces the release of the new Cat® Simulators backhoe loader system.

Installed in a construction environment, the system teaches students and operators how to operate a backhoe loader (BHL), from inspecting the machine to driving, braking, trenching, lifting and more . Correct operation leads to increased safety, production and savings. Simulation is a safe alternative to using real machines for heavy equipment operator training. Learners can train anytime and anywhere using simulators – no need to take an expensive machine out of production, worry about the weather or, more importantly, worry about operator safety.

“The new backhoe loader simulator completes the family of construction models in the Cat Simulators range. It’s a versatile machine and our team worked closely with Caterpillar’s riding experts to develop each exercise. No matter where in the world your job site is, if you train on a Cat simulator system, you can be sure that your students and operators are learning the same techniques as other Cat operators,” said Renee Gorrell, vice president of Simformotion.

The BHL Operator Training Simulator is available in multiple languages ​​and includes a method to record and report the results of simulation sessions, comparing performance against Caterpillar benchmarks. Genuine Cat controls, motion system, exclusive Walkaround training and available curriculum make the package unique to Cat Simulators. For even more training value, add VR Edition. With the VR headset, users get a wider view of the environment with greater depth perception. Whether you want to add BHL training to a school curriculum or on a construction site, the simulator is portable and easy to move from a classroom to a trailer. Simulators convert from one model to another using the same base unit. Save space and crosstrain on more machines with conversion kits.

In addition to the new BHL system, Cat Simulators are available in many other models for the construction, mining and forestry industries. Visit for more information.

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