Cat Zingano drops lawsuit against Halle Berry for snubbed movie role “Bruised” – MMA Crossfire

Bellator female bantamweight Cat Zingano has dropped her roughly 17-month lawsuit against Halle Berry for a promised movie role in Berry’s 2021 film Bruised.

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According to, Zingano’s attorneys filed court papers with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Douglas W. Stern on Tuesday, asking that the August 2021 lawsuit be “dismissed with prejudice.” It is unclear if there was a settlement or why the case was dropped.

Zingano was with the UFC in early 2019 at the time. She alleged in the lawsuit against Berry, Bruised Film Productions LLC, Thunder Road Film Productions Inc. and Romulus Entertainment LLC — which was obtained by TMZ — that in July 2019, Berry offered her a movie role in her first movie. of director. Bruisedwhich required him to turn down a UFC fight in October 2019 as Berry said for insurance reasons.


After refusing the fight, the UFC released Zingano in August 2019. Berry reportedly informed Zingano two weeks after her release that she could not appear in the film because only UFC fighters could compete, then cut off all communication. .

“Zingano was torn between the very valuable career advancement opportunity of challenging for the title and the unique opportunity to be involved with Defendant Berry in a feature film about a character whose history so closely reflected the Zingano’s life story,” the lawsuit said.

Bruised debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2020. It debuted on Netflix on November 24 to critical and financial success.

Zingano (13-4-0), 40, made her Bellator MMA debut in September 2020, defeating Gabby Holloway by decision at Bellator 245. Since then, she has beaten Olivia Parker by submission at Bellator 256 and Pam Sorenson by decision at Bellator 282 to become the current No. 1 featherweight contender. Looking at her Instagram, it looks like she’s moved on.

Berry’s attorneys countered in the trial documents by arguing that Zingano was in fact dropped from the UFC roster due to poor performance, as she had lost four of her last five UFC fights. Additionally, they argued that Zingano made the decision to appear in the film via text messages with Berry without knowing specific details like the role and how much she would be paid, alleging that Zingano was trying to “take advantage” of the movie.

The two sides have not officially commented publicly on the current status of the case.