CATBOAT automatic cat feeder with high smart performance

For owners who are busy at work but worried about whether cats at home are eating normally, it’s time to consider using smart technology to troubleshoot the issues. Recently, smart pet products with high appearance, good user experience and intelligence (automation) are obviously very popular among pet owners. CATBOAT automatic cat feeder can help pet lovers to develop regular and quantitative good eating habits for their cats, and effectively restrict pets’ daily food intake to prevent them from overeating and gaining weight.

During the promotion period of the e-commerce platform, the sales of smart pet products have increased sharply, and the CATBOAT automatic cat feeder is undoubtedly one of the most popular products. from this list. It has the following characteristics:

l APP Remote Control precise automatic control. The product is equipped with an app that allows the machine to automatically feed pets by flexibly setting feeding times and food amounts. Users can track power records anytime, anywhere. This product supports multiple users, and people can share the joy of pet feeding with family or friends.

l Intelligent anti-clogging design. This design is best suited for dry foods. Improved food outlet accommodates food up to 16mm. Equipped with ABS impeller to stop brush feeding, it can roll up food neatly and avoid jamming trouble.

l Easy and fast cleaning. Since this charger can be easily disassembled, it only takes 5 seconds to be cleaned directly. Built-in drying bag and airtight nozzle, 360° triple seal, keep food fresh and crispy.

l Continuous and efficient work without interruption. The product has a dual power supply. That is, when the battery is drained, the cat feeder can continue to be powered by the included USB battery. Backup batteries ensure pets have access to food in the event of a power outage. In case of power failure, battery and USB are recommended.

This feeder takes into account the needs of pet owners to keep pets. From controlling the exit of food, to detecting the opening and closing of the point of sale, to avoiding food jams, everything goes through a sophisticated design, so that they can eat in complete safety. , even alone at home. In the event that pet owners and pets need to be accompanied, the CATBOAT automatic cat feeder has become a good realization of the strong bond between the two “even if they are not around each other “, which satisfies the emotional demands of animal lovers. interact and communicate with cats anytime, anywhere.

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Automatic feeder for cats CATBOAT

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