5 perfect ways to keep your cat happy at home

As Canberrans continue to adapt to cat confinement laws which came into force last month, RSPCA ACT has released its top tips for keeping cats happy and healthy at home. The ACT leads the way in cat safety, with all cats born after July 1, 2022 now required to be kept on their owners’ premises … Read more

International Cat Day 2022: some musical cats in pop culture

Cat lovers and haters can agree that the animals seem to have human intelligence about them. Unlike dogs and other pets, they seem aloof and seem to have their own inner world, perhaps where they chase shadows or balls of yarn. Videos of cats doing human-like things, like petting other animals or playing the piano, … Read more

Purrfection: How the “Stray” video game pierced cats

PARIS: Cat lover Enzo Yaksic was immediately taken with the recently released video game Wander which allowed him to explore a luminous, kaleidoscopic underworld of puzzles as a feline avatar. He was surprised to find that his own cat was equally fascinated. READ ALSO : “Stray”: How a virtual orange tabby helps real cats “My … Read more

Best stray mods

Stray is becoming the definitive feline-themed video game. Despite being such a short game, it’s full of colorful characters and intriguing subplots. Stray contains almost all the mechanics you would want from a cat roleplaying game. You can fly, knock things off high shelves, nap, and non-stop meow whenever you want. RELATED: Best Stray Characters … Read more