Pet cats classified as ‘invasive alien species’ by science academy

The Polish Academy of Sciences now maintains that “from a purely scientific point of view“, domestic cats domesticated in Europe, and therefore in Poland, should be considered a”invasive alien species.” Felis catus, the domestic cat, was only domesticated around 10,000 years ago in the ancient civilizations of the Near East. The presence of cats in … Read more

Spyro has been turned into an indie cat Stray

4. Test. Friendly? Yeah. Do you have them blue and sparkling? Wait, that’s not a cat now. The strongest Spyro the dragon modified to Bluetwelves hit indie miaow em up Stray. That’s good, Spyro. Toys For Bob decided to show him his personal model of Sonic Frontiers. Read more Source

Jaguars Training Camp Observations of Day 7: Ebb and Flow

It’s about working and getting the most out of every rep at the end of the day. The Jacksonville Jaguars wrapped up their seventh practice of training camp on Monday, another full day in preparation for the team’s preseason game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Thursday, as well as the rest of the season … Read more

Submit photos of dogs and cats to News4 – NBC4 Washington

Throughout August, NBC4 is helping clean up shelters and find forever homes for our furry friends. To celebrate this year’s campaign, Pat Collins is back with a new Pat’s Prized Pets challenge. This year we are looking for hot dogs and cool cats. It’s true! With temperatures soaring, it’s important to make sure your four-legged … Read more

Best Dog Breeds When You Have A Cat | Z100 Portland

If you’re considering getting a dog but are worried your cat will hate their new roommate, experts say these six dog breeds are best suited for cats: Golden retriever Bassett Hound Labrador Retrievers Beagle corgi Pug “Best Life” says that if you want to make sure your dog and cat live together, avoid puppies that … Read more


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Tigers as Big Cat, basketball is coming to Israel

What a weekend for Auburn football. The Tigers held their annual Big Cat Recruiting Weekend and it was a huge success. They landed two engagements and appear to have improved their position with multiple targets. The weekend wasn’t just about the football program either, the basketball team arrived in Israel on Sunday for a “once … Read more