Cat’s indifferent reaction to being lovingly bitten by a human is hilarious. Watch | Tendency

Cats are generally very particular about the number of physical interactions they want with their humans. While some cats enjoy having pets and kisses all day, others rarely allow their parents to touch them. However, they show their reactions quite prominently to any situation they face. This cat, however, turns out to be a bit different from the others. A video shows how this kitty remains carefree and indifferent to his human who stings him with love.

The video is posted on Reddit with a simple caption. “I’m the best at not being bothered,” it read. The video opens to show the cat sitting in front of a window looking outside. Within moments, a human begins petting it. Having received no reaction from the cat, the person begins to sting him lovingly. What’s interesting to see in the video is how the cat continues to completely ignore its human.

Take a look at the video:

The video was posted 11 hours ago. Since sharing, the clip has racked up nearly 1,900 upvotes. The post also prompted people to share various reactions. “Eyes. OMG!” posted one Reddit user. “Stuff like that makes me wonder if cats are intentionally funny. Like…she knows she’s absurdly adorable and hilarious, right?!” voiced another. “An owl dressed up as a cat,” joked a third. “Tried turning it off and on again? Seems to be completely hung up,” a fourth wrote.