Cat’s lameness miraculously disappears when owner tries to take her to the vet

The moment a cat’s bad leg miraculously healed when its owner went to take it to the vet left the internet in stitches.

Finn is a 3-year-old rescue cat and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with his owner Kourtnie Williamson who once noticed he was limping.

“He started limping on a Tuesday morning, and when I got home from work I was immediately worried,” Williamson said. Newsweek. “He’s usually very playful and loves attention, so when he didn’t greet me at the door, I knew something was wrong. I noticed the lameness was still present and he started lifting his paw, even when he was sitting or lying down. I wasn’t sure what was wrong at the time, but I was afraid he was hurt. That’s when I called the vet to get his opinion.

finn the cat
Finn, the cat who left viewers angry after his lameness miraculously disappeared when his owner tried to take him to the vet.

Why do cats limp?

If you notice your cat limping, it may be due to an injury or other medical condition affecting their joints, muscles, bones, or other tissues.

Most often, lameness occurs as a result of trauma such as jumping, falling from a high surface, or even being hit by a car.

Cats are very good at hiding their pain, so if your cat is showing signs of pain, it’s important to get him checked out by a veterinarian.

Williamson was able to get Finn a vet appointment the next day and decided that if he was still limping in the morning, she would take him in for a checkup.

“He limped all day, but the second I pulled his carrier out to take him to the vet, he stopped,” Williamson said.

Finn began to gain weight on the paw and pulled away from his owner and carrier.

“The limping didn’t completely go away, but he wasn’t limping anymore,” Williamson said. “That’s when I knew it definitely wasn’t as bad as he claimed. I started wondering if he was doing it for the extra attention I was giving him.”

In the stitches of the video, TikTok users shared their reactions in the comments.

“Black cats are so dramatic,” said one commenter, while another said, “My cat would forget which paw he was ‘limping’ on.

“It’s like when you ask a toddler ‘do you want to go to the doctor?’ and they instantly respond with the stern ‘no,’” another response read.

Despite the miraculous recovery, Williamson still spoke to a vet, just to be sure. Luckily the vet said he was fine and probably landed badly on his paw.

“Once we got back to the vet, the lameness was pretty much gone,” the owner said. “I shared the video because I thought it was funny. Who knew cats were smart enough to exaggerate injuries to get attention?”

Acknowledging that Finn is perfectly fine, Williamson was keen to stress the importance of taking your cat in for a checkup if he appears to be in pain.

“Animals are good at masking their pain,” Williamson said. “Especially when they’re scared of the vet. I’m glad I got him checked out and it was nothing serious.”

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