Charity Shropshire Cat Rescue launches appeal after influx of kittens

A Shropshire cat rescue charity is appealing for donations after receiving an influx of kittens.

Some of the kittens cared for by Shropshire Cat Rescue
Some of the kittens cared for by Shropshire Cat Rescue

Within a week, Shropshire Cat Rescue took in a number of kittens ranging in age from 3 days to 6 weeks old.

The number includes eight kittens left in a carrier on her driveway, six kittens admitted after their mother was sadly killed by a tractor and three others who were found and taken to the centre.

A spokesperson for Shropshire Cat Rescue said: ‘This week added to an already busy September. Some of the kittens need to be hand reared which is a 24 hour job. Fortunately we have volunteers who are able and willing to undertake this commitment. Others need veterinary care and extra support to encourage them to eat.

“This figure does not include adult cats or mother cats with their kittens, which have also arrived.

“Since we posted on Facebook about the kittens, we have received an incredible amount of donations with people giving the kittens home and kitten food donations being dropped off at the shelter and in donation bins at various supermarkets.

“Donations can also be made through our Just Giving page which will help with our vet bills.

“And finally, if you are the person who left the kittens in our driveway, please know that they are all fine. We are concerned about the mother cat though. Do you need help with neutering? Rehousing? Please let us know. contact, there will be no judgement; we just want to help.

Shropshire Cat Rescue was founded in 1989 and is based in Shrewsbury. She provides shelter, food and veterinary care to homeless, stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens, and rehoms them when possible.