Clumsy handyman traps cat named Stripes behind wall of woman’s house during renovation

A pet owner has detailed the harrowing moment she discovered her cat was trapped behind the walls of her home for three days after a bathroom renovation.

Ashlin Hadden, from the United States, had commissioned a tradesman to renovate her bathroom while she was on a work trip for a weekend.

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Shortly after returning home, she noticed that her cat Stripes was missing.

Hearing the sounds of her cat “crying”, she realized the contractor had accidentally put the animal on some drywall – after replacing her bathtub with a new shower.

“So I hired someone to redo the bathroom, they took my tub out and put the shower in,” she explained in a TikTok video.

Ashlin Hadden discovered her cat Stripes was stuck behind the walls of her house for three days after a bathroom renovation. Credit: Ashlin Hadden

“As I sit here trying to figure out where my cat is, I can hear her crying somewhere in the bathroom.

“Only me, only me.”

‘Poor kitty’

In a frantic attempt to save her cat, Ashlin said she ended up “drilling a hole in the wall”.

“The cat comes out. Yeah, the contractor… The stupid contractor installed my cat in the drywall under the tub,” she said.

“This poor kitty was locked in there for three days, stuck under the drywall.

“The story of my life.”

In a series of follow-up videos, Ashlin said her cat was “not neglected” while she was away because her home has “automatic feeding” and an “automatic poo and scooper”.

In a last ditch attempt, Ashlin said she ended up “drilling a hole in the wall” so she could save her cat. Credit: Ashlin Hadden

She said the contractor “absolutely knew” Stripes was in the house – but he made an unfortunate mistake.

“Yes, the door was closed to the area where the contractor was working,” she said.

“When he went down to get the painting, he left the door open, he left the hole in the wall.

“Obviously the cat did what cats will do… And he was curious. That’s why they say, “Curiosity killed the cat.”

“Was I absolutely frustrated that the guy locked up my cat? Yes, I was frustrated that the guy walled up my cat.

Despite the drama, Ashlin saw the fun side after finding Stripes safe and sound.

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