Confessions of a bathroom retailer: cat poop, driver drama and late payment

People are funny and in this regular series, our bathroom retailer proves it, recalling some of the wildest times they’ve had with customers.

During Covid we have taken a break from site calls and surveys. It was nice for a while, but we missed seeing clients’ homes and checking out the facilities.

We picked up the pace recently and loved every minute of it. However, the joy was quickly extinguished by a customer’s chat. Said client had left halfway through his installation and had left his cat at home. There was a cat sitter who would come in and feed the furry cutie but usually the fitters were the cat’s only company while the owner was away.

It wasn’t a problem, until one day the cat made a nasty poo and it was hanging and running down its hind legs. The installers were freaking out because the cat was basically smearing poop around this client’s upscale property and no one on site had any experience with cats so they had no idea how to help the poor creature.

Two members of the showroom team had to go on site to tend to the feline and save the customer’s cream sofa from a terrible fate. It was definitely not about risk assessment.

Speaking of running from place to place, we call delivery people a range of things here in our showroom – all polite, I promise. For example, we could say couriers, carriers, postmen, drivers…

So when a new team member asked us why two drivers were needed for two projectors, it took us a minute to figure out what she meant. She had ordered two lights for a job and we said remember they will need two drivers.

She assumed that meant two couriers. Good job, she asked, otherwise it would have been rather embarrassing if she had spent months thinking that all the ordered lights needed such an entourage.

Continuing the running theme, have you ever had a client contact you during the project via email, text, whatsapp, phone, and then, after the project is complete and money is due, they suddenly aren’t as easily reachable ?

It’s been a long time for us, so we were shocked when recently, at the end, a customer delayed payment. After chasing them for ages, she said she wasn’t in town so didn’t have time to check out the finished piece before paying.

Well, that same day, someone from our team spotted her in John Lewis. Adding insult to injury, she was buying towels for her new bathroom. The super sleuth played in our favor when we emailed her saying we knew she was in town because we saw her at John Lewis and the towels were a perfect fit for the bathroom. In five minutes, we had the funds.