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MIAMI (WSVN) — A couple are relieved tonight, after finally reuniting with their beloved pet.

Their cat was lost during a stopover in South Florida. A few weeks later, the feline was finally found.

It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare, but for one very lucky family, there’s a happy ending.

It’s been three weeks since Sani the cat flew out of a van at Miami International Airport.

“Disbelief and shock and the reality of how the hell are we going to find him,” said cat owner Rebecca Bly.

But now he is finally back home with his family.

“It’s kind of an amazing thing,” said Guillermo von Foerster, Bly’s husband.

Bly said that nightmare began when she and her husband began their move from Costa Rica to North Carolina on November 17.

She said their airline hired Pet Limo to fly Sani and her mother Surya to boarding school.

It was during their layover in Miami that the family suspects Sani pushed through a crack in the crate and escaped.

“When his mother was located, he took advantage and jumped out of the van,” Bly said. “At the end of the day, we paid them to transport or transport babies, our animals, to our new home, and so it was their responsibility and something went wrong.”

Soon after, Guillermo returned to town to contact neighbors and area businesses, even hanging up missing posters.

The couple were devastated but refused to give up hope.

“We both dreamed many times and this dream was so real that we and he found it and we were desperate. We were desperate,” Foerster said.

So they booked a flight to Miami to pick him up themselves.

“We started thinking that if anyone was going to find it, it was us,” Foerster said.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle.

“It was only when my husband and I were alone, with no other strangers with us, not the people renting the property or the people helping us search. It was just the two of us, and we were walking around the house. calling by name, and that’s when we heard,” Bly said.

The couple were relieved to finally find their four-legged friend safe and sound.

“We would just like to all sit together for the holidays and relax,” Bly said.

Bly says Sani is generally an independent cat, but since returning home he has remained very close to his owners.

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