Cozy Cat Bed Coffee Table by João Teixeira

Igloo coffee table and cat bed

Coffee table and cat bed by designer João Teixeira.

Cats have an undeniable affinity for small, safe spaces. They often choose to jump into a cardboard box, but who wants assisted packaging lying around their house? Luckily, Portuguese designer João Teixeira designed a smart cat bed with a feline’s preferences in mind, without sacrificing style. Teixeira’s design offers modern minimalism with high functionality and Scandinavian influence. Aptly named IglooThis multi-functional pet shelter offers a dual purpose for those who love coffee as much as their cats: it doubles as a coffee table.

Teixeira notes on its website that the idea started with the sphere-shaped cat bed. It is used not only as a clever design element, but also takes into account the way cats like to curl up and lie down. The minimalist cabinet offers a light, clean-lined aesthetic that balances elegance and casual style. “Since the bed is made of plastic,” Teixeira explains on her website, “I wanted to create an interesting contrast with the materials and shapes, so that the product could be used by cats but also feel like a stylish piece of furniture. .”

The designer added cutouts to the table top to magnify a sense of sophistication, and the white wood top creates a relationship with the white plastic capsule below. The table legs are smoothed for a rounded finish. The four points of intersection between the legs and the sphere, where the white meets the wood, are an elegant and visually appealing solution.

Scroll down for more images of Igloo and to see what else Teixeira has to offer, you can visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Joao Teixeira Igloo is a modern furniture solution that combines a coffee table and a cat bed.

Igloo coffee table and cat bedIgloo coffee table and cat bed

IglooThe spherical cat bed is tucked neatly under a white table top.

Igloo coffee table and cat bedIgloo coffee table and cat bedIgloo coffee table and cat bed

This clever design allows lovers of cats and modern minimalism to get the best of both worlds.

Igloo coffee table and cat bedJoão Teixeira: Website | LinkedIn | instagram
h/t: [designboom]

All images via João Teixeira.

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