Discover the cats and dogs available in the shelters of our region

THIS Christmas, many animals are sitting and waiting in rescues for their furry families to meet them, but unfortunately some animals have to wait a little longer.

Oak Tree Animals’ Charity said, “We’ve had more people wanting to give up their animals than rehoming due to the cost of living, so the more animals we can find, the perfect homes, the better!”

Could you give a home to one of these pets that has been waiting for a while?


News and Feature: Dougie, Oak Tree Animal CharityDougie, Oak Tree Animal Charity (Image: Oak Animal Charity)

Lovely Dougie is an 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with a Bulldog. Dougie needs an owner who has plenty of time to stimulate him, but who can also help him enjoy calm and quiet times. Dougie needs a quiet neighbor, but also wants an owner who can laugh and have fun with him, but who can also be as sweet and sensitive as he is. Dougie needs a secure garden and a home without young children, cats or small hairs, but he could potentially live with teenagers.


News and Star: Meet ToffeeMeet the caramel (Image: Oak Animal Charity)

Meet the smart little (big) Toffee who is a one year old Belgian Malinois. Toffee is not your typical dog, so she is looking for a special home. She is full of energy and loves to learn, so she needs an owner who has plenty of free time. Toffee needs a home with owners who are willing to do activities or sports that can keep her mentally stimulated. This friendly giant needs a big garden and a home without children.



News and Star: Meet MaceyMeet Macey (Image: Oak Animal Charity)

Meet Macey, she’s a 3 year old Lurcher. Macey loves attention, attention, attention and is a very likeable girl. Her idea of ​​having fun is unfortunately chasing cats, so she can’t live with little hairs. His other loves in life receive hugs and long sniffy rides. Poor Macey suffers from separation anxiety and can’t be left alone. It can be accommodated with sensitive children.


News and Star: Meet LaddieMeet Laddie (Image: Oak Animal Charity)

Laddie is an active youngster looking for a new home. At just 14 months old, this little guy is full of beans and will need some extra training. With people he trusts and knows, he is super affectionate and likes to get as close to you as possible. He can sometimes be suspicious and anxious of strangers and likes to approach people on his own terms. Laddie would do best in a home where he is the only pet and in a quiet home. He can live with older, sensitive children.


News and Star: Meet TyneMeet Tyne (Image: Oak Animal Charity)

Meet Tyne, an adorable 5-year-old Border Collie who came to Oak Tree after failing as a working sheepdog. Since Tyne has lived in a kennel outside his entire life, he is not clean and not used to living in a house. He will need someone who is home at first and an owner who is patient and can help him figure it all out. Tyne could potentially live with another dog after successful introductions to Oak Tree, he could live with older, no-nonsense children. Tyne needs a lot of mental stimulation as a border collie.


News and Star: Meet KellyMeet Kelly (Image: Oak Animal Charity)

Meet Kelly, an 8-year-old short-haired maid. Kelly likes to be around you for cuddles, hugs and head bumps. She can have a bit of a cattitude on odd occasions, so it would be best to house her with adults who will understand that she can sometimes like her own space. Kelly is an indoor cat who needs outside supervision.

Holly and Christmas

News and Star: Meet Holly and NoelMeet Holly and Noel (Image: Oak Animal Charity)

Holly and Noel are siblings looking for a new home together, they are estimated to be around 3 months old. They have never had access to the outdoors but would probably like to be allowed to explore. The kittens have never been around children but could potentially live with quiet children as they are a bit shy. Holly and Noel could potentially live with another calm cat or dog.

Contact Oak Tree Animals’ Charity to learn more about all the animals above


News and Star: Meet TashaMeet Tasha (Image: Animal Concern Cumbria)

Meet Tasha, a Staffie mix English Bull Terrier, Tasha has had no inquiries since arriving at the shelter unfortunately. Tasha is a bright girl, she has a beautiful nature and loves people. Tasha’s only problem is that she is reactive, she is very vocal and takes a little while to calm down after meeting another dog. The ideal home for her would be a quiet place.

Tasha is truly a great dog, she walks well on a leash, loves playing with toys and running around our off leash area. She would make a great companion for someone who is willing to handle her noise.


News and Star: Meet MaverickMeet Maverick (Image: Animal Concern Cumbria)

This big guy is looking for a forever home. Maverick is a fairly chill cat who would like a home where he can go out and explore but away from busy roads. He loves to play with his toys but can be a bit excitable so he would like a home without young children. He is a nice boy who will come with pleasure to rub his head.