Disturbing video shows two men killing a cat in Pomona

A disturbing and bloody video of two men killing and maiming a cat in Pomona, California has been making the rounds on social media platforms. Surveillance video shows the pair torturing the stray cat in a parking lot.

Dark and grainy CCTV footage shows two men pointing a gun at a stray cat after they stopped their vehicle outside a business at 560 Union Avenue. After shooting the cat, the men watch it writhe in misery for a few seconds before it finally succumbs to its wound.

Once the feline is dead, the men jump over the fence and seem to approach the animal’s corpse. Despite the graininess of the video, one of the men can be seen removing a sharp object and opening the animal, while the other man records the inhumane incident on his mobile phone.

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The Pomona Police Department was notified of the murder when the owners of the business discovered the cat’s mutilated body outside the next morning. The Inland Valley Humane Society has also been made aware of the tragic animal abuse incident. Collin Lee, the owner of the small family business in Pomona, told Fox 11:

“We’ve never seen anything like it, it’s horrible.”

No suspects have yet been identified by Pomona police. The Humane Society took the cat’s body as evidence. They are also watching security videos from other businesses in the area to focus on the two men. The Pomona Police Department has asked the public for any information about the vehicle or the two men who were captured on video.

People are urged to contact the Inland Valley Humane Society or the SPCA at 909-623-9777 if they have any leads regarding the incident.

The cruel murder of a stray cat in Pomona sparked huge online outrage

The Pomona Police Department recently released a gruesome video of two men murdering a stray cat in the middle of the night in hopes of locating the perpetrators. The video got a lot of attention online, with people demanding the toughest punishment for them. User JazzEmu1 said:

“If they can do that to a cat, what’s more exciting?” People ? Catch them fast. ยป

Another user, Gayelyn R, called for legal action to be taken against animal abusers who allegedly tortured and killed a cat for a video.

“They must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

@FOXLA Lock them up for the rest of their lives. When someone does this, it can only mean that they want to do it to a human one day.

@FOXLA They will continue and perhaps escalate their behavior.

User CandyCanaday expressed his anger at the brutality against a “poor helpless cat who did not deserve such treatment.”

Two men were caught on CCTV in Pomona, California mutilating and mauling a cat, a poor, helpless cat who did not deserve such treatment. The local police out there in Pomona are asking for the public’s help. https://t.co/K50d8zmT33

Kamil Rapacz, who works at CFR Patio, said he planned to adopt the cat, who was named Scruffy by the people caring for her. He told NBC:

“I used to hang out with her on my breaks, my lunch after work. We used to come here on weekends with my girlfriend and we would go visit her just because we were ready to adopt her. We were just waiting for our landlord to take us let it be known.”

Collin Lee called the two men responsible for the cat’s bloody death “psychopaths”. They will be charged with criminal animal abuse if apprehended.