Dog suspected of fatal cat attacks in east Auckland impounded, council inquiry launched

Security footage of a home in Glen Innes where two unknown dogs attacked and killed a much-loved cat. Video / Provided

A dog has been impounded and an investigation launched after five cats died in an East Auckland neighborhood.

Auckland Council Animal Management is stepping up patrols in Glen Innes and urging local residents to provide information after two dogs were seen roaming the streets and attacking cats earlier this month.

A cat lover has been left heartbroken after security footage showed a pair of dogs tormenting his pet cat before he was later found with puncture wounds and a broken back.

Officers are now trying to determine if a dog seized by animal control officers this week was involved in the attacks.


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Auckland council animal steward Elly Waitoa said she was saddened to hear of the loss of the beloved pets and called anyone who may have witnessed the attacks or held any information to call the board.

“On January 5, 2023, we received several complaints about two stray dogs attacking cats in the Glen Innes area.

“Despite extensive patrols, we were unable to locate the offending dogs at this time and were later informed that they had been picked up by people in a white van.

“Information received this week led to the seizure of a dog from the area, but it remains to be determined whether this dog was involved in the recent attacks or not.


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“Patrols in the area have been stepped up and officers are continuing their investigations.

Waitoa said animal management staff are following up on all leads and urging witnesses to come forward and provide statements.

“Our current information is about three cats being attacked, so any help from the community is greatly appreciated,” she said.

“We don’t want this to happen again and the main message we would like to convey to dog owners is the importance of ensuring their dogs are confined or under control at all times.

“Unfortunately, some dogs view cats as prey and if given the opportunity, they will chase or attempt to attack them. It is therefore very important for dog owners to ensure that their dogs are never put in a situation where it can happen.

Poltergeist, a 13-year-old tabby was killed by two stray dogs last week.  Photo / Provided
Poltergeist, a 13-year-old tabby was killed by two stray dogs last week. Photo / Provided

The owner of a pet cat mutilated to death mourns the loss of one in a million companions.

“I had Poltergeist, 13 years ago, a one in a million personality, a loving cat. We were very close. He would be on my lap wherever I sat,” said cat owner Glen Innes in mourning who did not want to be named.

“When I came home from work, he would run up to me for hugs. He was such an affectionate character of a cat that anyone can imagine.

It was around 4 p.m. on January 5 when she received a heartbreaking call from her neighbors that dogs had chased Poltergeist and attacked him, the resident told the Herald.


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“I was drained. I went home right after and checked the CCTV footage. I was able to see around 4:15 p.m. these two dogs in front of my property.

“The neighbors told me that they had heard a noise and that they had come to my house. They chased the two dogs and came back 10-20 minutes later with my cat in a cardboard box.

“You could see he had puncture wounds all over his body, his spine was broken as well as his shoulder blades. He was said to have suffered massive internal damage.

The two dogs suspected of killing five cats in a neighborhood of Glen Innes.  Photo / Provided
The two dogs suspected of killing five cats in a neighborhood of Glen Innes. Photo / Provided

Poltergeist was 13 years old and a “strong, healthy 6kg big boy”, she said.

“He had five more years left.

“Many neighbors had called animal control and I spoke directly to the officer in person. I gave them the security footage.


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The resident said animal control phoned her on Thursday to say they believe they have one of two suspect dogs in their possession.

“I am not comfortable with any of these dogs being put down. But these owners cannot be trusted if it happens again, options could be limited. These dogs may have escaped or maybe the owners brought them here, I’m not sure.