Doja Cat and Bernie Sanders Embrace the Dunkin’ Aesthetic

Anyone with even an iota of cultural literacy in America knows that Dunkin’ Donuts (now just Dunkin’) is one of the most conducive fast-casual cafe owners in our country. The iconic pink and orange lettering that defines the company, which was founded in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1950, has seeped into our collective consciousness, and lately it’s also appeared in some high-profile celebrity businesses.

On August 18, rapper-singer Doja Cat announced a new clothing line called It’s giving which uses colors and lettering that strangely adhere to the Dunkin’ aesthetic. The Daily Beast has reached out to Doja Cat for comment.

A few days later, journalist Maria Leaf pointed out that Bernie Sanders tweeted a working-class rally ad that included Teamsters President Sean O’Brien and Flight Attendants’ Association-CWA Sara Nelson – the poster by Sanders also looked like an advertisement for Dunkin.’

‘America runs on solidarity,’ reads the poster, which closely mirrors the famous slogan ‘America runs on Dunkin’. The Daily Beast has reached out to the Sanders and Dunkin’ campaign for comment. Will there be lawsuits, or will everyone glory in shared semiotics? We will see.

Either way, it’s perfect marketing timing, with Dunkin’ fall flavors (and calorie amounts) just announced as well: get ready for the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, the Pumpkin Spice Signature Latte, Nutty Pumpkin Coffee and Blood Orange Dunkin’ Upgrade.

Even if the Doja Cat and Sanders Dunkin’ impersonations were unintentional, they’ll never come close to snatching the Dunkin’ King crown from Boston’s number one boy and newly minted Mr. Jennifer Lopez: Ben Affleck.

Affleck is Dunkin’s mayor, president and CEO, ‘whether he’s picking up pandemic packages from his front porch while balancing an iced coffee on the boxes or wrapping his arms around his new bride, a bag of donuts at the hand.