Doja Cat bragged about her Grammy win as she addressed shaved-head critics

Rapper Doja Cat hits out at her critics as she responds to criticism over her decision to shave her hair.

Over the weekend, the rapper fired back at those who disliked her shaved head and eyebrowless look. Last week, the rapper appeared with a shocking new look to her 24 million Instagram fans as she shared that she cut her hair on July 31 because she didn’t want to have any more hair.

After being criticized for shaving off her eyebrows and re-penciling them, and adding rhinestone dots surrounded by a heart, the rapper has reacted.

She criticized critics for imposing their beauty standards on her because they could no longer sexualize her.

“I won a grammy and traveled the f**king globe, got a #1 and went platinum,” she began in a lengthy tweet.

“I do blow after blow after blow and y’all want me to be f**kable for you so you can go home and jerk off your c*cks all day while you live in your [mother’s] basement,” the rapper said before adding, “fuck you.

Last week, after debuting the look on her Instagram Live, the rapper went into detail by sharing the reason behind her hairless look.

“I feel like I never should have had hair anyway,” Doja said. “I don’t like having hair. I never liked having hair. I can’t tell you a single time in my life that I’ve ever been like, ‘That’s cool.’ I just don’t like having hair.

Doja Cat added that she got even more frustrated when she started working out and her hair got sweaty and sticky.

Doja Cat
Doja Cat

The biracial rapper added that she didn’t like the natural state of her hair, calling it a nightmare to deal with.