Doja Cat Could Show Gizelle Bryant and Other Celebs How to Make a Fashion Statement

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There is on no one saving us from our mode-dramatic drought? Doja Cat. His all-red Schiaparelli moment at Haute Couture Week 2023 close the event! The “Woman” artist spent five hours sitting for legendary makeup artist Pat McGrathThe idea came to fruition: 30,000 glued red jewels as Doja Cat. Dedication to art is something that is quickly being lost in the entertainment industry. Stylists Tiktok can’t stop talk about the simplicity of The 1990s come back, but thank God Doja isn’t listening.

I like when she shady the whole internet one day after her red appearance at the Victor & Rolf salon. She had read that some people were upset that her all-red look didn’t include false eyelashes. So the next day she used false eyelashes to create eyebrows, a mustache and a goatee, further proof that fashion is synonymous with expression and pleasure. Oh, the fashion drama.

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On the other hand, another fashion moment has taken social media by storm. The Real Housewives of the Potomac reunion dress photos have been released and the fashions were shocking, and not in a good way. We’re looking at you, Gizelle Bryant. The all-blue dress, the color of which looked beautiful on her, the dress itself? Awful. For some strange reason, the dress has unnecessary shoulder pads, two bands of rhinestones on the bust and waist, a high neckline and sleeves with gloves adorned with these tragic rhinestones. This is an example of the wrong way to rock an outfit, and rather than looking groundbreaking and inspiring like Doja Cat, it’s downright cheesy.

The style hasn’t made the post-pandemic comeback it should have. We see the light after the Covid pandemic when we have missed the glitz and the glamor for over two years. Of course, all things considered, seeing expensive fashions was the least of many people’s worries as we struggled financially and battled illness. However, there was still a part of some of us who missed seeing celebrities stepping out and gracing red carpets and fashion shows, and looking fabulous on the go.

Unfortunately, some the stars are yet to hit the mark this year as more events begin to open post-pandemic. There were the Golden Globe Awards in January when almost all women seemed allergic to a necklace, a bracelet or even earrings! Sorry, I have a problem with celebrities that are too simple or too stylish.

Creativity is also what has been lost in style. Doja Cat, Lil Nas X and Lizzo are a few celebs who have continually shown us that fashion and creativity go hand in hand. Something that has bothered many people on social media is the fact that these celebrities have millions of dollars to use for styling and only choose a plain dress on the runway without any effort to try on hairstyles, makeup and unique and funky accessories.

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While some may claim that the recent fashionable simplicity is the wealth indicator, I think it’s just boring. Anyone can rock a silk dress, but not everyone can sit in a barber chair for five hours to have 30,000 jewels stuck to their skin. This is the dedication we need to move forward.

As more awards shows roll out over the next two weeks, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that the men step out in something other than a straight-legged plain black suit and bow tie, and the women finally bring back the flashy diamond jewelry and fun hairstyles that we ordinary people can only dream of trying.