Doja Cat Dons Extreme Power Costume at Daily Front Row Awards

Just when I thought the power suit couldn’t get any more…powerful, Doja Cat stepped in to prove me wrong.

Doja Cat attended the Daily Front Row’s 2022 Fashion Media Awards on September 10, where she was greeted by a crowd of booed paparazzi and happily walked away with a Breakthrough Fashion Icon award.

For the event, Doja Cat donned a striped suit that took the power dress to ever greater heights (literally), finally proving why she’s the recipient of her latest fashion honor.

From Viktor & Rolf’s Fall 2022 collection, Miss Cat’s pinstripe costume featured classic straight-leg pants – and a jacket and shirt combo that offered extreme off-the-shoulder action.

Instead of doing business in the front and partying in the back, the Doja Cat ensemble took the professionalism down low and kept the drama for the top. And I’m not mad at that.

A pair of shiny red Steve Madden platforms, a Puppets and Puppets cookie purse and iced out jewelry completed Doja Cat’s already stunning look – all styled by Brett Alan Nelson, the mastermind behind her unique style reign but pleasant.

The planet she The musician also sported heart-shaped brows – another win for her buzzing brow game – topped with a bold red anarchist symbol sprayed on the back of her blonde cut. Maybe that’s what put daddies’ panties in a pile.

Anarchy, a form of “government” associated with the rejection of rules and the idea of ​​hierarchies, is not favored the most as many believe its governmentless ideals equate to violence and chaos.

Nonetheless, Doja Cat’s choice of hair is rather apt when looking at anarchism on a superficial level. The Grammy-winning artist also plays by her own rules, independent of internet trolls and media opposition.

Sure, her selfies are unusually silly and her modes can be a little weird at times. But it’s her his stylish, people! Moreover, it brings some excitement to the fashion sphere where monotonous sponsored cuts are unfortunately aplenty.

Doja Cat can always be counted on to make a statement with her looks, metaphorically through dramatic shoulders and anarchist designs or literally with an “I’d much rather eat ass” t-shirt.