Dried up river exposes rare fossil of continent’s largest cat, the American lion

Amazingly, the symposium happened to have an exhibit of these previously found fossils. What are the equal odds?

Event organizer Anna Reginelli said Prewitt “made history” by showing up with a “definitive American lion fossil.” “I’ve had some very important artifacts and fossils in my outreach programs and events, but nothing as important as the recently discovered American lion fossil,” she said. McClatchy News.

“The extinct American lion was first discovered in Natchez, Mississippi in the 1830s. No one knew that giant lions roamed North America until this famous Mississippi discovery,” he said. she declared. “The only two other definitive American lion fossils from Mississippi were discovered on the Mississippi River near Clarksdale, Mississippi, and Rosedale, Mississippi.”

One of the “biggest transactions in the paleontological world”

George Phillips, curator of paleontology at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, described the incident as “one of those real moments where you blink your eyes multiple times because you can’t believe your eyes. Those different sub -species (of American lions) may have existed”. can only be known by finding more fossils – and we have very, very few in the east,” he said.