Ernest “The Cat” Miller & Dango Give Santino Marella Advice

The impact is just coming hard to kill PPV, and they opened Thursday night’s episode of Impact wrestling in a wild way.

A few notes before we start unboxing the madness. Mickie James won the Knockouts Championship from Jordynne Grace. Bully Ray failed to win the Impact World Championship from Josh Alexander in Full Metal Mayhem. Frankie Kazarian has announced that he has signed with the Impact. Santino Marella was revealed as The Authority’s new director while Scott D’Amore heals after being bombarded through a table by Bully.

James had to open the show. Bully rudely interrupted him. Threats of violence were made. Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans wanted a front row seat to see Bully flip James upside down. The mean girls ended up stomping on James. Kaz and Grace ran for the stoppage to even the odds. That’s when Santino arrived to restore order as DOA

Santino was still new to the job, but his instincts told him this situation called for a game. He had a little trouble understanding the math, so Ernest “The Cat” Miller showed up as a surprise.

Miller was commissioner of nitro at WCW. He helped Santino with a wonderful idea. If these idiots can’t get along, let’s go. Santino finally figured out he had to book a trio fight. James, Grace and Kaz took on Bully, Steelz and Evans. James ended up earning the winning pin on Steelz.

It wasn’t all about The Cat. Santino chatted with Miller backstage. Santino shared his idea of ​​determining the No. 1 candidate to challenge Josh Alexander for the Impact World Championship at No surrender February 24. The Milan Miracle offered a Golden Six-Shooter match consisting of former champions Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards, Rhino, Rich Swann, Moose and Callihan. Mile felt it. The cat also advised Santino to follow his heart at work.

Santino then moved on to a familiar face with law enforcement experience. Fashion Police Officer Dango! Steve Maclin intervenes, so Dango suggested a match with Maclin. Santino did.

Dango swung his hips, but the power of the dance wasn’t enough to defeat Maclin. Mr. Mayhem won via double underhook DDT.

Santino’s evening was not over. Alexander was on board with the Golden Six-Shooter concept, then Gisele Shaw and Jai Vidal hit the screen with a request. Shaw bowed out for a Knockouts tag title shot, but no one wanted to be her partner. Alisha Edwards replied, “Eww, no.” Santino took it upon himself to find a partner in Shaw for the next week.

The Santino era is off to a good start.

What advice do you have for Santino Marella in the impact zone? Did you call your mom when Ernest “The Cat” Miller appeared onscreen?